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8 year old son born female

is my huband

Is this... is this transhausen and incest rolled up into one. What the fuck is this

I know you can normally see a bit of the parents in the child but wtf is this


Talks about the devastation he felt when I died

Uh. Me thinks there's a fanfic narrative slip up there

Edit2: The more I think about this the more fucked up it is. So... what, her daughter just. Poof? Is this so-called husband soul completely inhabiting your daughter's body and why aren't "either" of you checking in on how she feels about this? You just... what, had a baby together so it could be a convenient vessel for your husband's soul when he died in the future?

The fuck is this? I'm seriously hoping this is fiction.

Were people always this fucked or are we exposed more to the fucked up people that have always existed? I know it's a bit of an overdone cliche but getting fall of Rome vibes. A society that openly approves of child mutilation and incest is not doing well.

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I think social media has enabled fucked up people to be open about their fucked upedness, and be affirmed and encouraged in it, share it, normalize it, and spread it. In the days before social media, where would a TIM go to find a group of women who would enable his pregnancy fetish? Where would parents who want support transing their kids find it? Kai Shappley's mother said she found an Evangelical moms' Facebook group for transing their kids. Before, people would keep their fetishes and bizarre beliefs to themselves. Social media created a judgment and consequence free forum where anyone can say the sickest, craziest shit and find an echo chamber normalizing it.

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I think it feels like social media amplifies it, but sickos always found each other, long before social media existed. PIE and NAMBLA were around before the internet, cults have always found predators to join as well as victims. Throughout history there’s a never ending plethora of extremes that took hold because of how easy it is for predators to find their echo chamber. There are plenty of time periods where it was socially acceptable for predators to demonstrate their violence and depravity publicly.

None of that is new. I think people thought we were living in a more progressive, enlightened, liberated society. I think many people assumed many of the good fights had been won, that we’ve learned and moved forward, and most people will be good within a society that’s progressed this much. So it feels shocking that it’s gone this way. It feels like madness because people assume others think in fairly similar ways to them, they assume others are essentially decent and good because they are essentially decent and good. I think social media amplifies this illusion also. Props up what people want to see, illustrates the imagery people want to buy into. So when the realisation that people are not these good, decent people hits, the crash feels greater.

I know what you mean. Western culture seems to be malfunctioning. That or the internet has given the dysfunctional people much greater visibility and influence. Either way is bad but hopefully it's the latter as that's marginally less 'fall of Rome'.

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I think it goes in waves.

People were always this fucked up. But often it’s socially acceptable to call these people out as the outliers who are either stupid (flat earthers), unwell (hearing ‘gods’ voice), dangerous (PIE), or desperate for the attention (abducted by aliens).

But sometimes the Overton window shifts so the status quo is the horror. (Nazi Germany, lobotomies etc).

I watched the lesson the other night. I knew about the third wave experiment vaguely, in the way I knew about the prison experiment or electric shock ones or similar- like I’d heard various bits growing up/seen references in media/read the odd article. But I didn’t know that much. At the end when they were talking about it one person said something like people will always see others as powerful or powerless, and will go to any lengths to be one of the powerful group, betray any value, cross all lines, to do anything to belong to the powerful group and not the powerless one. I think that stands out a lot in the right side of history slant that so many of the TRAs have, the ones who seem like they should be the reasonable ones- women, mothers, teachers, police, doctors, (some) politicians etc. They over ride everything they know to be true, every instinct, everyone that should matter to them, just because they fear being seen as being on the wrong side of history. They chase the need to feel powerful by being part of the right group, because belonging feels powerful, because blind certainty feels powerful.

Yes, the current climate does very much reek of fall of Rome vibes. I often say we are living in Caliguland.