SOMEONE SAVE THIS CHILD. What the actual fuck did I just read. I hope the kid is somehow re-homed to a kind relative or a kind family looking to adopt and is given proper empathy/care for all the bs from the mother. The mother is unbelievably cruel and creepy and frankly pedophilic.

I need a drink, my god.

Soooo.... Several lives ago (?) this mother was another woman and the daughter was a man and the two were married. In this life, the mother is the mother and the daughter, very much like a Russian nesting doll, is a man, stuck inside a boy who in turn is stuck in a girl but the man on the inside totally calls the shot by being all husbandy?

I really and truly hope, that this is a weird joke. Alternatively, I hope this girl (and the mother) can get help.

Also, where is the father of the husband - son-daughter combo?

I want to puke poor girl. The clock is ticking before the sexual abuse starts because "she's connecting to her husband" ugh.

Her child will look at her with some kind of expression or want to touch her and it will be "my karmic husband is returned to our bedplay once more" not "no honey that kind of touching makes mommy uncomfortable it's OK to touch yourself in private thought and when you get older other consenting adults"

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This is creepy as fuck and sounds like she will eventually start having sex with...her?

Ship that child to her grandparents and commit that mom for a few months. Something obviously snapped in her when her husband died and she needs some help before she can properly care for her daughter!

Also anyone else was reminded of that Nicole Kidman movie? Birth or something? 😅

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My 8 year old son was my husband in several past lifetimes. This has been confirmed, not only by him (since he remembers his past) but also by 2 mediums. He treats me with a love I've never known. Cares for me when I'm sick, attends to (and intuits) my every need. Leaves me love notes by my bed. Talks about the devastation he felt when I died. Carries my groceries. Opens the door for me. The list goes on and on. Like you could never even IMAGINE or even expect an adult partner to act that way.

He chose to come into this life as transgender (born female) and he's aware that I am here to help him navigate his upcoming challenges. He's always telling me how appreciative he is that he has such a strong protector.

It's truly a very intense soul connection.

[Cropped photograph showing, from the forehead upwards, someone with a really just absolutely terrible short haircut.]

I was told by my mother that I was the reincarnation of my great grandmother (I was born 10 days after she died) from a very young age, and while this is just one of the ways my mother mistreated me, it was so harmful and left me feeling like I could never be my own person because I was actually someone else. I feel for this daughter, especially with the trans-ing. That's just a medical abuse cherry on top of the emotional abuse and incest enmeshment cake. This is so fucked up. No matter what you believe about reincarnation, anyone can see how damaging this is.

That such a strange thing to do to a child, I'm continually amazed at the bizarre crap parents say to kids (including my own parents, who were amazingly dysfunctional).

There's a specific term in psychology and social services for this version of child abuse: spousification.

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So this is so common it even has a name. And here I thought I couldn't hate mankind even more.

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