Non braineries think they are the only actual humans in a sea of NPCs. Ironically they're in my experience some of the least smartest and interesting people you'll ever meet.

It’s so weird. I grew up in the 90s/2000s and it’s so odd to see clothing choices pathologized like this. As a teen and even now as an adult, some of my clothes are women's clothes, some are men’s. As a kid/teen I wore a lot of clothes my brother grew out of because it was convenient and free, and I actually think I have a few of his former things even now. I honestly do not know a single person that has a wardrobe made up of one kind of clothing. A certain subsection of absolutely normal people who like a mixture of styles and clothes are somehow special and different because they turned their wardrobe into an identity with extra special pronouns? Get a grip.

This. And it's particularly weird how many of them claim to be anti-capitalist, when their entire sense of self seems to be based on which things they consume.

Would they have a complete identity crisis if they had to be somewhere with a very strict uniform, no 'personalizing' it?

I would honestly support a strict gender neutral uniform for schools that doesn’t allow skirts. I think it would be a lot more fair for girls and hopefully allow the focus to be on education rather than bodies and brands. Since clothes are actually who you are for these fools you know it would be LITERAL VIOLENCE.

Ikr??? Yesterday i saw a trans say that women cutting down a tree or wearing flannels means they have to ID as non brainery at least. The Ts are literally more intolerant than a 50s trad husband....

Well shit, I was wearing women's jeans and a men’s band T-shirt staining some shelves in my garage last week, I had no idea that was literally who I am as a person. You can call me they or else it’s a hate crime. GoFundMe and CashApp in bio 💕

men get the best trainers, they socks are normally better too and their coats have so many pockets I love inside pockets, but for the most part since I was a teen my shoes (and socks) have been mostly mens because I live in trainers.

now some child less then half my age wants to tell me I'm not allowed to be a woman for wearing my shoes and socks.

Inside pockets! My friend found a woman’s bomber jacket recently that had a proper inside pocket. I think it might have been an actual miracle.

[–] crodish [OP] 34 points Edited

I hate this. I genuinely hate this.

The art is great. The colors are nice. The artist is genuinely talented. Probably young.

But jesus christ the propaganda. And so much of this is just BEING NORMAL. BECAUSE NO ONE IS MADE OF STEREOTYPES.

But no not strictly conforming to either gender stereotypes makes you SPECIAL AND NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS. You're a MAGICAL SEXLESS BEING THAT OPPRESSION WILL NEVER TOUCH

I'm really mad and upset thinking about all the young girls that saw this. Also, why does the comic talk about being non-binary, and then go straight into being trans? Almost like 🤔 there's a pipeline 🤔🤔 of girls going the she/they > they/them > he/they > he/him route 🤔🤔🤔 do enbies need to change or not? What's the difference between someone who is enby and someone who is trans? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

My money's on the artist OP being a TIF.

Image Transcription

[IMAGE: 4 panel artwork drawn in an american-anime art style, colored brightly with a dot filter overlay. Small credits at the bottom right of each image read:]

Shm Garanganao Almeda 2020
@ shm.uh / @ shmu_h



[A uncomfortable, nervous, possibly teenage GIRL in a messy bun, square spectacles, and a simple grey shirt and pants. She is approached by another girl, presumably her ALTER self, who is cheery and extroverted, wearing round glasses, a tropical tie shirt, and shorts with short hair.]

Are they boy or girl?


is the answer.

[ALTER grins confidently and leans closer to GIRL, who sweats nervously.]

I see you're confused.

They're neither, you see! Or both, in a way.
'Cause when you're eNBy (non-binary), you don't have to choose.


[Three figures, all wearing the yellow, white, and purple non-binary flag as a cape.]

Sometimes an enby wears ribbons and skirts,
And sometimes an enby wears big heavy shoes.

[The first figure is a dark-skinned lanky male, with an afro and platform shoes, wearing a sweater-vest over pants that show his ankles.]

Hi! My pronouns are he/they!

Enbies have hair!
Enbies have flair!

[The second figure is a Sailormoon-esque girl, with long hair in pigtails, a Japanese school outfit, and shoes with bows on them.]

Use any pronouns to refer to me!

'Cause when you're an enby, you don't have to choose.

[The third figure is a largely jacked man with a receding hairline and a full beard, wearing a wife beater that bares his midriff, booty shorts, and hiking shoes.]

I'm they/them or xe/xem!


Some enbies want change,
and some need help changing...

[A transwoman, wearing the transgender icon as a choker, in a swimsuit-cut outfit and heels, sitting suggestively with one leg hiked up over a knee. A larger-sized woman in a bun and glasses, wearing a shirt and surgical gloves, is next to him with a small bottle of hormones and a needle.]

0.15ml of estradiol comin' right up!

Thanks babe!


In a mind-body war,

[Two images. The first, a long haired girl color-coded pink, staring forlornly at her reflection in a cracked mirror, breasts visible from the side view as she reaches out to touch the glass. Her reflection, color-coded blue, has the words "WRONG" written over its eyes, also looking sad, but it has a perfectly flat chest and short hair.]

Ever seeking a truce.

[Second image. The same girl, presumably, now color-coded blue, sitting in a bed against a pink backdrop. She has her eyes closed, smiling tearfully, her hands clasped over her bandaged, flat chest.]

It's the kiddy rhyming and the kids grooming kids part that gets to me. It's not social contagion and peer influence my ass.

Edit: She's of course another obviously female af girl going by he/him and they/them. And there's multiple more pages of this in the full comic.

The girl(s) in the first panel is confirmed to be "Beta Shm 8th grader circa 2012" and the alter is "Present Day Shm, PhD student, 2020".


When this trend is finally over, and all the damage has been done, I hope all these artists with their cutesy grooming comics look back on this and feel eternal shame knowing they were responsible for influencing thousands of others who were completely normal and healthy before gender ideology destroyed their brains.

I find that panel with the "nurse" injecting estradiol very unsettling. It looks so pornified. Creepy af.

Yeah the whole comic is What The Hell but that part really got me. It’s obviously supposed to be a TW but it looks so female that I genuinely thought for a second “why is a woman getting estradiol shots? Is it birth control? How is that NB?” And then I got it. The jump from NB to trans gave me whiplash. It starts off as costumes and pronouns and then jumps to hormones and double mastectomy. Well I guess that part is realistic :/

Nurse?! Holy shit, I thought that was his girlfriend giving home injections. YIKES.

I thought it was a girlfriend too. Who calls a random nurse "babe"?

I missed the "babe" part because I didn't want to look at it too long. I just saw gloves and thought nurse.

Welcome back to the 1950s sex roles, children and boys! But we have progressed now, so though most of you are clearly two-dimensional walking stereotypes of Barbie dolls and GI Joes, a few precious souls really can break those rigid gender boxes and be fully human! Consider how we sparkle against the dull background of conformity! Respect our special nature and special pronouns!

Nobody chooses their sex. Everyone is free to choose whatever clothes, shoes, hairstyle, etc. they want to wear.

[–] ghoul2 5 points Edited

I also don't have to choose.

Also it's interesting here that the NBIM is happy and shown in an outward pose and warm colors but the NBIF is crying, in a condensed pose, disheartened, in washed out and cold color.

So creepy... Starting out all cutesy 'We can wear what we want! Teehee! And make up special words for ourselves! Teehee!" ending with "some of us cut off our breasts!"

I ran across this whole comic just this morning, and was thinking about posting about it. The final panel is really something (this is only the first 4 of 9 or so). I don't have it anywhere I can link to, but the image is all of the characters from the comic sitting around a tree (including the kid with "top surgery" scars) and the accompanying text is: "You're perfectly perfect, just being you." I just want to tear my hair out and scream because, YES!, that is true. How can they not see that this is always true, from the beginning, without the drugs/surgery/pronouns/truth denial/etc. It should be such a terfy message, but it's being used to excuse utter insanity.

K well I might be the odd one out here, but I don't like the art style, however I acknowledge that this tumblrina-style of art is popular with young, impressionable, wanna-be-woke kids and can contribute to brainwashing them.

Yeah that's what I mean by "appealing". It's extremely popular with that specific demographic.

You're far from the only one who hates this style lol it's widely made fun of as the "tumblr art style" for a reason

"heavy shoes"

I'm such a gay man apparently. Or gay person because I'm not a man but I like men but I'm not a woman but maybe I wear lipstick.


when did personality became gender? "there are countless genders" because this people are equating gender to personality, yeah you can like what people perceive as masculine things and what people perceive as feminine. that doesn't make you anything besides a person that likes X or Y.

I mean, I've grown to hate the Tumblr art style (TM), mainly because of the crappy propaganda that almost always gets tied to it.

Also, unless she's using an actual culturally meaningful name, it's drawn by someone who chose to invent a first name without vowels.

See 'nonbinary' identities as the byproduct of people who bought onto the BS that TIPs were selling, that if you aren't a stereotype of a woman or a man and don't enjoy the gender role set out for you that means you aren't one, in spite of that not being reflected in their own experiences, and instead of having an ounce of critical thinking that maybe that means the narrative they've been presented isn't accurate, they instead created a whole new made up identity to try to make themselves the 'exceptions' without contradicting the sacred doctrine of gendurrred souls.

Same, I hate it, too. So many of them just copy each others' "style", too, that it just feels way over-done.

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