All TIPs think everything is about them and the single personality dimension they possess (transness) all the time. A few months ago I was reading a thread on another site about financial planning or something and this guy waxes eloquent about his orchiectomy and the insurance that paid for it. These are damaged people looking for any tiny anchor they can use to slingshot the conversation onto praising them and their stunning braveness and insert their their sexual organs into inappropriate contexts.

they are all constantly waiting on the edge of their seat desperate for something to force regular ppl to talk about their bullshit

She was able to carry a bed in a box from the post office and up a flight of stairs....after having just had abdominal surgery? Where is her support system? This is just sad.

I’m buying a lot of new furniture since I moved, and reading a lot of reviews.

I’m struck by how stereotypical this is. I feel like a lot of TIFs fall into that stereotype of over sharing, emotional girls with a whole list of health problems, both formally diagnosed and self-diagnosed .

And I feel bad for that. Whenever I see it come up online, I feel like these girls and young women know they have a problem, multiple problems even, but they’re just trying to adopt another identity in their throws of their anxiety. And in the end, they end up acting more like stereotypical awkward young women than young men.

I wish we could move away from a gender-affirming model, so people like this could get help for their underlying problems, and not just pile “born in the wrong body” on top of them. When I wrote things like this- answering the question “which color of this shirt do you want?” with a long story abouT how long it had been since I got a new shirt, and I preferred the cooler spectrum because even my casual clothes needed to fit my darker, moon-like personality, and how if I wear this one it will make my heat rash worse, rather than just saying “I like the blue one”- I was struggling with a lot of mental problems, and a need for attention and self-validation that I wasn’t getting. And I tyink that a lot of TIFs have the same issue.