The ones who think women are weaker are the humiliation fetish AGPs, not us. And there's less focus on TIFs because they generally don't act aggressive and entitled like TIMs.

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the hate and war on trans women specifically stems from misogyny. because trans women dared to walk away from the gender they were assigned to and embodied the "weaker" gender identity. men seeing trans women could make them question their own masculinity. same with homophobia. it all roots in deep deep misogyny trans men experiencing all kinds of violence as well. but because masculinity is seen more desirable, they're not as much in focus as trans women are especially our black and brown sisters are suffering a lot.

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I’m also linking this excellent blog post shared in the comments by u/drdeeisback. Notable quote:

the compassion society feels for trans-identified males is informed by the most profound of misogyny: the subconscious understanding that women are not really human and that a man forgoing his status to “become” a woman suffers the most vertiginous fall imaginable: a fall from humanity that must be compensated at all costs. Because if we don’t, it is the privilege, the claim to humanity of the entire male sex class that is at stake.

The phrase “assigned a gender” or any of its various forms is the worst and falsest meme to ever get into the English language.

It implies that sex happens at birth, but it has been known since 1905 that sex happens upon conception when the egg is fertilized with a sperm carrying either an X or Y chromosome. Neither does anyone have the power to assign a sex to a newborn.

It’s now common to know the sex with ulrasound before birth, but the outdated phrase stays nonetheless. Ignorance and backwardness is needed for Trans dogma.