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Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to be a woman because I don't experience periods, posted by u/Michelleantonella23 to r/MtF

I admire how strong cis women can be...it's mind-blowing how my friends can still work full time despite their cramps and bleeding... sometimes I ask myself if cis women secretly hate me for not having periods. Even though my friends are supportive, for some reason I feel like they think that it's unfair to say that I'm a woman since I don't menstruate. I feel like I haven't suffered enough to be a woman. Maybe I'm just paranoic because terf rethoric makes me feel bad. I just want to be a normal girl and be able to understand the struggles of my friends... hopefully I will get older and forget about this stupid insecurity :,c


There's lots more to being a woman than periods, and You don't have to suffer to be valid. Though, tbh, the way the world is, you probably will. Plus Being a trans woman you will have to put up with so much shit you'll definitely earn your stripes.

And it's not that we deserve to be something or other - We ARE who we ARE.

Good luck to you my friend, and be kind to yourself 💙💗🤍🏳️‍⚧️🤍💗💙

Thadrea [Trans Lesbian, 15+ years post-transition]

A. Many women do not have a uterus. Monthly bleeding does not a woman make.

B. Many trans women, despite lack of a uterus, experience some degree of period symptoms while on HRT.