A-periods do not a woman make

True. You still aren’t one

B-many TransWomen get some degree of period symptoms

False. Fake symptoms aren’t periods

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Women that don't have periods for whatever reason(s) actually affirm their womanhood. Them having to get their uterus taken out is something only a woman might have to go through, men can't have that done. Having certain health issues that stop them from having their period is specific to only women. Only women go through menopause, etc. etc. That all shows that they're women, not males in dresses. Males can never have any of that happen to them.

Women that lose their period or have their uterus removed are not the same as men in dresses because males could never lose those things in the first place since they never had them.

Before I got kicked off Twitter, I had an exchange with a man who claims he senses when he “ovulates.” I guess he thought he ovulated through his testes.

“Does it feel like a sneeze, only better?” ( from Friends) hehe

So dumb