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Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to be a woman because I don't experience periods, posted by u/Michelleantonella23 to r/MtF

I admire how strong cis women can be...it's mind-blowing how my friends can still work full time despite their cramps and bleeding... sometimes I ask myself if cis women secretly hate me for not having periods. Even though my friends are supportive, for some reason I feel like they think that it's unfair to say that I'm a woman since I don't menstruate. I feel like I haven't suffered enough to be a woman. Maybe I'm just paranoic because terf rethoric makes me feel bad. I just want to be a normal girl and be able to understand the struggles of my friends... hopefully I will get older and forget about this stupid insecurity :,c


There's lots more to being a woman than periods, and You don't have to suffer to be valid. Though, tbh, the way the world is, you probably will. Plus Being a trans woman you will have to put up with so much shit you'll definitely earn your stripes.

And it's not that we deserve to be something or other - We ARE who we ARE.

Good luck to you my friend, and be kind to yourself 💙💗🤍🏳️‍⚧️🤍💗💙

Thadrea [Trans Lesbian, 15+ years post-transition]

A. Many women do not have a uterus. Monthly bleeding does not a woman make.

B. Many trans women, despite lack of a uterus, experience some degree of period symptoms while on HRT.

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You are not "MtF", you cannot not "transition" from your male sex to the female sex regardless of how you mutilate your body, what you don or what ideology you parrot and take part in. "Cis" holds no credibility, you are a girl or woman or you are a boy or man if your sex is female or male, respectively, and the latter of each sex will apply to you if you are an adult. "TERF" holds no credibility because it is by definition incorrect; radical feminists do not exclude "trans"-identified girls and women from their feminism. Not even elaborating on how this term is used as a slur for people, primarily women, whether they are radical feminists or not.

It is unfair to say you, a male, are a woman because you are not. You are who you are: men. Women are adult human females. Boys and men on opposite-sex hormones do not experience menstrual symptoms because you do not have female anatomy nor a menstrual cycle no matter how you alter your body. A woman whose anorexia nervosa is so severe she is experiencing amenorrhea is a woman, as is a woman that experiences secondary amenorrhea because she is pregnant.

Also, "I just want to be a normal girl... insecurity" -- I mean, it's all creepy, but wow. And, yes, you do not have to suffer to be a woman because suffering does not make you a woman, being born female and growing up to be an adult does. Exposing your thought that womanhood is defined by how much women have suffered, grisly.

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**Edited to add my commentary on “Plus being a… stripes”, no. You do not face challenges because you are a “trans”-identified man, you face it because you are male and don’t adhere to male sex roles, hold fetishes, are a sex offender, etc (typically a myriad of reasons). As for the stripes part, girls and women do NOT “earn [our] stripes”, we do not become more of a girl, woman, or more female the more we suffer so you certainly cannot become any of those as a boy or man.

You don't have to suffer to be valid.

They must be talking in (mathematical) logic, because a (material) implication is always true when the antecedent is false. So they can conclude anything from "trans women are women" and it's always valid.

The projection is always so strong with this group. Hating someone for having some biological process that is not possible for you to have indicates mental illness. I don’t hate men for being able to easily pee standing up, even though it would be extremely convenient. And if I did I’d see a shrink.

We are right to warn women about these dangerous men. They are extremely unstable.

Do women hate other women and girls who don't have periods? No, of course not. So it's not hating women and girls that don't have periods... The point is you're not a woman or girl

We ARE who we ARE.

Continues to take hormones and undergo multiple surgeries in order to try to change who they are

I don’t hate them for not having periods, I hate them for fetishising our experiences and invading our spaces without giving a tiny rats about how it negatively impacts our safety….. but of course their “lady feels” are far more important than our safety.

A-periods do not a woman make

True. You still aren’t one

B-many TransWomen get some degree of period symptoms

False. Fake symptoms aren’t periods

Before I got kicked off Twitter, I had an exchange with a man who claims he senses when he “ovulates.” I guess he thought he ovulated through his testes.

“Does it feel like a sneeze, only better?” ( from Friends) hehe

So dumb

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Women that don't have periods for whatever reason(s) actually affirm their womanhood. Them having to get their uterus taken out is something only a woman might have to go through, men can't have that done. Having certain health issues that stop them from having their period is specific to only women. Only women go through menopause, etc. etc. That all shows that they're women, not males in dresses. Males can never have any of that happen to them.

Women that lose their period or have their uterus removed are not the same as men in dresses because males could never lose those things in the first place since they never had them.

"sometimes I ask myself if cis (sic) women secretly hate me for not having periods"

women don't 'secretly' hate you for a biological reality. we openly despise you for turning womanhood into a pornified costume, for stripping women and girls of our safety, privacy, and dignity, you fucking disgusting perverted monsters.

We ARE who we ARE

Yes, you are a MAN. That's why we object. It's not just because you don't menstruate. Although that is true. Nor because you haven't suffered enough. Although that is true too. It's because you're a fucking man.

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