'My people'. Next they'll be telling us about that time they were exiled to Egypt to build the pyramids.

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That part bothered me too lmao. There isn't a "my people" for trans when not one of them can even agree on what gender or being trans means. When they all hate each other and constantly bicker amongst themselves, but sure "my people". Embarrassing as hell acting like they're in some type of war or battle.

My favorite comment

The Nazis started their genocide with trans people. The famous photos of Nazi book burnings were outside the German Institute for Sexuality, and the books they burned were basically all the existing research on trans medical care, setting trans health care back by 50 years.

They then raped then murdered all of the trans women working there (it was basically the only place they could get employment). Gays and lesbians got the pink triangle when they were sent to the camps, but trans people just got a bullet in the head.

You don’t get to tell me I’m overreacting. They’re not coming for you first. Their cishet white enablers are almost as bad, but they’ll come for you too eventually and there will be nobody to save you, and no resistance for you to join if we don’t start now.

Where do they get these stories???

Gays and lesbians got the pink triangle when they were sent to the camps, but trans people just got a bullet in the head.

Almost, but not quite game enough to say outright that they had it worse than the Jews during the Holocaust, even though that's the implication of what he did say. He knows he can get away with saying gay men and lesbians in death camps had it easy, though.

I live in Georgia. I can’t even use public restrooms because of danger of violence. People I knew personally have been murdered for being trans. I know dozens of trans people who have been physically attacked for being trans, I have been assaulted multiple times. I get death threats weekly. An elected official in my state (MTG) has called more than once for violence against trans people.

Dozens of physical attacks on trans people for being trans! Yikes. The poster himself says he has been "assaulted multiple times" for being trans and gets weekly death threats. Double yikes. Why are there no headlines, then? Why is there no news coverage at all?

The US media went wild for the Jussie Smollett story, bought the whole thing hook, line and sinker. Tales about how trans people have been victimized are tailor-made for the MSM. So why are pro-trans media outlets like CNN, NBC, NY Times, WaPo, USA Today, LA Times, SF Chronicle, VICE, Buzzfeed, etc all ignoring these important stories?

I still remember when one got beat up pretty badly (don't remember the name), got hugely shared across social media and a lot of news coverage, they were so excited to have this example to point to of a real-life hate crime against a TIM...and then it turned out that, no, he wasn't beat up for being trans, he was beat up because this adult-ass white man attacked a 12-year old black girl, dragged this scared child around by her hair and filmed himself doing it because he was proud of himself for 'teaching her what happens' when she makes fun of him (he looked like a clown like many of these dudes, so she laughed), he uploaded it and bragged on it...and she had male relatives who saw it and found him. Yes, yes, vigilante justice bad, but I'm not losing sleep over this creep learning he doesn't have a blank check to do shit like that free of consequences.

When that side of the story came out, the whole thing got memory holed very quickly.

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I read somewhere that some personality disorders manufacture a type of paranoia where threats are magnified or imagined...makes me think this is it.

The level of absolute bullshittery is astounding. There would be marches in the streets here if that happened. That person is delusional. XD

For what its worth I agree with the OP. I don't think there is going to be a civil war despite what some on the right desperately hope for. There just aren't enough people who actually want to leave their comfy lives to take up arms against their neighbors. The best-buy employee cosplayers Proud Boys is like what, 100 people or something? Its not going to happen.

Yeah, I can see that. I wasn't really paying attention to the content of the OP so much as the melodramatic tra comments, lol. But yeah I agree, most people wouldn't be into it, mostly likely. Maybe not impossible ever, but I don't see it happening in the near future.

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You don’t have “a people” by virtue of your fetish and no, you’re not welcome, so piss off.

TRAs are certainly the most malignant but by no means the only symptom of cultural and societal rot.

An elected official in my state (MTG) has called more than once for violence against trans people

What state is MTG and what official is this?

Marjorie Taylor Greene, she’s a republican Representative for Georgia. She’s a crazy right wing conspiracy theorist. She did say that people need guns so they can threaten transgenders, but she’s said and done a lot worse. She believes the Jewish laser conspiracy (I have no idea what that is and I will not be learning lmao), that Trump actually won the 2020 election, and I believe she played a part in the January 6th terrorists entering the Capitol building by tweeting the location where everyone was hiding, but that whole event is a shit storm so I might have my facts mixed up.

OOOHHHHH. Okay, now that I believe. I thought he was saying "MTG" was a state, and I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.

But MTG is a complete lunatic, and I can fully believe she's called for violence against any number of people, including TIMs.

Since I am a classic sports car fan, the acronym MTG makes me imagine Marjorie Taylor Greene as a sports car combing the traits of an MG and GTO.

MG: https://youtu.be/-tPm2_pYp1A

GTO in the rock song "Little GTO": https://youtu.be/o_FSicQWimU