I live in Georgia. I can’t even use public restrooms because of danger of violence. People I knew personally have been murdered for being trans. I know dozens of trans people who have been physically attacked for being trans, I have been assaulted multiple times. I get death threats weekly. An elected official in my state (MTG) has called more than once for violence against trans people.

Dozens of physical attacks on trans people for being trans! Yikes. The poster himself says he has been "assaulted multiple times" for being trans and gets weekly death threats. Double yikes. Why are there no headlines, then? Why is there no news coverage at all?

The US media went wild for the Jussie Smollett story, bought the whole thing hook, line and sinker. Tales about how trans people have been victimized are tailor-made for the MSM. So why are pro-trans media outlets like CNN, NBC, NY Times, WaPo, USA Today, LA Times, SF Chronicle, VICE, Buzzfeed, etc all ignoring these important stories?


I read somewhere that some personality disorders manufacture a type of paranoia where threats are magnified or imagined...makes me think this is it.