An elected official in my state (MTG) has called more than once for violence against trans people

What state is MTG and what official is this?

Marjorie Taylor Greene, she’s a republican Representative for Georgia. She’s a crazy right wing conspiracy theorist. She did say that people need guns so they can threaten transgenders, but she’s said and done a lot worse. She believes the Jewish laser conspiracy (I have no idea what that is and I will not be learning lmao), that Trump actually won the 2020 election, and I believe she played a part in the January 6th terrorists entering the Capitol building by tweeting the location where everyone was hiding, but that whole event is a shit storm so I might have my facts mixed up.

OOOHHHHH. Okay, now that I believe. I thought he was saying "MTG" was a state, and I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.

But MTG is a complete lunatic, and I can fully believe she's called for violence against any number of people, including TIMs.

Since I am a classic sports car fan, the acronym MTG makes me imagine Marjorie Taylor Greene as a sports car combing the traits of an MG and GTO.

MG: https://youtu.be/-tPm2_pYp1A

GTO in the rock song "Little GTO": https://youtu.be/o_FSicQWimU