Where are these kids getting that they are "nonbinary" that young? Tik Tok? Other kids in their class? I don't understand how a child that young can call themselves that. Although, I know a lot of public schools now that are hanging up posters about "gender spectrum" bullshit, so it's probably all of the above.

Schools are teaching this garbage. My 2nd grader had "gender identity" lessons. They're working on rolling out similar classes through the elementary school. I am afraid of what They're teaching in upper grades. My 11 year old has multiple nonbinary friends, and there is at least 1 TIF in her grade.

Really?? Is there a list of states where you can find out who teaches this? Curious which state you live in but understand if too much info to share.

What a moron. As a whole, humans are a fucking stupid species.

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Transhausens by proxy.

Ya numpty.

(Not from the UK but I love that word).

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My child (a they) forgets others’ pronouns by accident.

My child is under 10, non-binary, amab, and goes as they. Tonight they have their trans friend spending the night, also amab, also a they. Both of them are long-time gender non-conforming kids, but both are relatively new to using they. Both of them keep slipping calling the other one “him.” It’s just proof that it takes time to rewire the brain. For me, I’ve been working at it and now “they” comes out of my mouth so much that I want to use it on everyone and have to pause and think, “Wait, what’s the pronoun for this person?” Maybe that’s a good thing.