Many many Muslim women in the UK barely speak English. This as is targeted at those most likely to not understand this messaging. This is the exact opposite of intersectionality, which would recognise the need for plain language to ensure ALL women are reached.

I actually believe this is why prostate cancer charities refused to use “neutral” language and instead stated the intended target - which is men.

As they said using neutral language meant that there was a risk of men not reaching out, as they are the only effected group in regards to prostate cancer.

Chances ESL immigrant women learn the word cervix in ESL classes-- ZERO. Chances they learn the word woman-- 💯

I swear we have a word for the group of people that have a cervix.

I detest this dehumanising language.

My follow up question to this bullshit is always: how do I know if I have a cervix?

If you can't answer that, then how is someone who never had sex ed (which is a lot of the population) supposed to know?

I think maybe part of the issue in English is that them opting for calling it a cervix is a bit strange. Other languages (French and Dutch for example) specifically call it "neck of the uterus" which makes it clearer what it refers to, while English just calls it "neck" but in Latin for some reason.

Off topic but it also seems like "gender" became a widely used word in part because English uses the same term for the act of sex and the biological sexes, which would make it another case of unfortunate choice of words.

When you have a professor edit a term paper, they take out that red pen (most can't use red anymore because it causes ~anxiety~) and they start making changes and suggestions.

This language is so clunky and not needed. 5 years ago, "those with a cervix" would have been crossed out and "use woman" would have been written above it.

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Original comment: As seen on this Twitter thread.

I'm most surprised that the "Muslimsisterhood" would create an ad that had a niqabi and immigrant women while at the same time pandering to the trans? Talk about not speaking towards your intended audience....

Other comments that were already on original post: [–] Yemaya 3 points 2 hours ago “Inclusive” language isn’t “inclusive” at all. Some women don’t even know what a cervix is, sadly. Some women don’t speak English very well or at all. And all they have to go by is “those with a cervix”.

[–] momofreyrella 0 points 2 hours ago This will harm women who don't speak English as a first language, which is maybe their entire point

raises hand

"What kind of people have cervixes again?"

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We should just start flooding these organizations that use this language with exactly that kind of question.

"How do I know whether or not I have a cervix? Is it some weird skin growth?"

"Um....er...well....It's a part of the uterus. If you were assigned female at birth you will have one."

"How did the doctor decide to assign me as a female? Is there some sort of signifier?"🤔

NHS sweats profusely