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Yup. He gets a pass on his misogyny. He even got a pass on his racism. (I still can't quite believe no one cared that he texted his doctor about "shooting negroes".)

If anyone still needed evidence that trans ideology is sexist and racist and mostly just benefits white dudes, this should do it.

Jesus. Everything I hear about him only makes him look worse.

There are tons of witnesses but Depp trolls have their eyes firmly shut.

Whatever causes his downfall at the moment, I'll take it. I don't care what it is. That fucker deserves to be wiped off the face of the Earth for what he has done to women.

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Of all the shit he's done, THIS is what offends you? Jesus christ.


Image Transcript: Twitter


The fact that people are more mad at Johnny Depp for “misgendering” than raping a woman with a bottle really says a lot.

Kamilla, @ k4mil1aa

Johnny Depp misgendering witness iO Tillet Wright for 2 minutes straight. iO is a trans man that testified he witnessed Johnny beating Amber.

[Video of Depp speaking at the trial. His speech is slow, halting, and he stutters multiple times with pronouns.]


[...] who was, um... who had identified as a... as a - she was born a female, if that's the right terminology these days.

[Depp snort-laughs slightly here.]


...born a female, but she was, um... she she, she had chosen, um, she - at a very young age, she had decided that she was, uh... she was a male. And she identified as a male. And iO seemed to be - again, she was a, she was... very intelligent, very literate, kind of a go-get-em activist type. And um, she was writing a book, I remember. She was writing a book, iO - erm, or he was writing a book, rather.

[Depp snorts again here.]


I had a house on, on one of those... Sweetzer. One of the houses there was empty, and was in fact a house that I had set up to write in. And uh, when she, she had no place to stay, or uh, whatever, I called her over, and I showed her the house, where the desk was, and all the things. And uh - so she - I said, write your book, you know. Write your book here. So she - she did.


Did iO end up living in that house or just working there?


No, no, iO ended up, uh... no, she... she ended up, uh... living in the house for... somewhere in the neighbour of a year.

Here is iO Tillet Wright’s testimony.

[Video of iO Tillet Wright, in a digital meeting. iO's voice is passably masculine sounding.]


[...] the stairs, and I heard like a... [punches her palm, producing a WHACK] noise. And then the phone dropped? And, um... he said to her, "Oh, you think I hit you? You think I fucking hit you? What if I peel your fucking hair back?"

[long silence]


And then I heard the phone drop again, and then I heard her scream. I remember her screaming. And I hung up the phone. And I called Raquel immediately because I know she lives one door away and her and her boyfriend Josh, who is a big dude, would be able to get there the fastest. And um... I called and texted right away, I hung up with her and immediately called 911, in New York. And then I called -

[iO's voice breaks, clearly emotional. She clears her throat.]


... a friend of mine, in LA, who I knew had met Amber a number of times. And I think I may have placed a second call to NYPD.

This was not an accident and it was not a “sweet little boomer doesn’t know better” moment. Johnny listened to other people in the court call iO by his correct pronouns and knew iO for many years, not to mention he laughed about “using the right terminology these days”.

Love how all the Depp stans take from this is “he* didn’t actually witness it bla bla” when he* literally heard him threaten violence, heard her scream, and telling him* to call the cops which he* did. Likkkke that’s witnessing.

*referring to iO. I have no fucking clue what iO actually stands for. Apparently it's her real name and it's from one of Jupiter's moons.

Does anyone remember someone saying on Twitter thay Johnny Depp should misgender someone to get cancelled/actual consequences? Apollo strikes again.

Honestly, I hoped that this would happen. Obviously, GenZ and Millenials are very keen on cancelling people for transphobia but not for misogyny.

I read the pro-Amber subreddits sometimes but skip right past the “misgendering” threads. Out of all Depp’s crimes and abhorrent behaviors, calling a female person “she” is the least of my concerns.