So is she convinced "non binary" women have different anatomy or something? Oh that's a sorry state of affairs if so. OR is she worried the medical professional might use the word female, vagina or vulva and send her daughter into a spiral of narcissistic temper tantrums 🤔

[–] Researcher1536 18 points Edited

I wonder if she thinks NB = intersex or some "third gender," because the kid told her so after "learning" about this stuff on TikTok. So mom thinks her daughter needs some specialized doctor.

[–] ProxyMusic 10 points Edited

Any mother who diapered and bathed her child the usual amount in the child's formative years, who toilet trained the child too, and who has overseen her medical care growing up, will be intimately familiar with the configuration of the child's urogenital anatomy.

That's not what I'm saying, though. What you said is obvious to any rational thinking adult. We're not dealing with rational people. I'm wondering if these kids have their "be kind" parents hoodwinked or gaslit into thinking they need some magical gender fairy doctor because they have a special gender identity. We know the parents who go along with this will jump into affirming everything so as not to make the child feel bad or "suicidal." We know too many people actually believe this crap is real. The average person is dumb as fuck. Let's be honest.

If I said that, my mom would insist on seeing it to believe it. Parents have seen their kids genitalia, so I hope she doesn't believe her kids needs specialized care. Hopefully she just means the doctor and nurses using the correct pronouns and 'be kind' stuff.

I hate the fact that that's an entirely plausible reason

A woman, who gave birth to a child herself, should know that there are only two real sexes, and that no matter what gender identity her daughter has in her head, her body is and stays completely normal female.

I hope the mother worries only that her daughter will have a temper tantrum. Anything else would betray a sheer unbelievable level of idiocy.

Frankly, I was so very pleased the other day when I made an appointment for an annual pap smear that it is still called the "women's health department" in my medical offices. I wondered what I'd have to do or say if it was called "gender care" or some such inanity.

[–] OwnLyingEyes 12 points Edited

I was very happy the other day going into a new hospital for some tests that they never asked me "how do you identify?" or for my pronouns when checking in and just put sex: F on the bracelet. It was like, oh good, I'm attempting to get healthcare from sane people, how refreshing.

They changed mine to OBGYN in the middle of my pregnancy last year. At least it’s accurate, but I think “women’s health” is much clearer.

I agree, especially for the multitudes of non-English speaking population. You have to know medical terms to know what OBGYN means, but “women” is a basic word (used to be much more prevalent as a sign on bathrooms too, but hey, symbols are easier to discern no matter the language).

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 7 points

It's Women's health or gynecological care everywhere I've been around here (south end of L.A. County), too.

I think OB/GYNs are much too well aware of the associations of "gender care" with unethical chop shops that ignore comorbid mental health issues, never turn anyone away for being unsuited to the lifetime pharmacological and medical commitment (not to mention the sterilization...), and are cruising for an eventual bruising in the courts to even consider hitching their own wagons to the same branding.

This awareness, and thus aversion, is almost certainly far deeper in the more liberal-leaning states where this might even be brought up in the first place.

well, that's a hope. I just held my breath, not knowing what would pop up, and there it was: "Women's Health Care". So relieved. Why should I have to be? That's nuts.

Our first line of medical defense is women's health care, and what these yahoos are doing to themselves to make them "women" is not health care, it's medical experimentation. If it starts being normalized we have a bigger fight than I first thought.

To me it sounds like an upper/upper middle class woman looking for a doctor that will pay the proper amount of attention and flattery to her. No no-nonsense doctor that sees ~ordinary~ patients.

Image Transcription: Twitter

christina buttons, @ buttonslives

This parent is seeking a gynecologist for their “non- binary” teen, but is worried that since most offices focus on “women’s health,” they will somehow be unable to provide proper care for “non-binary” female anatomy.

Group member

How did you find a gynecologist for your non-binary teen? Most offices I've seen focus on "women's care" and how they treat "women's health". Are there ways to find more non- binary friendly environments? I tried doing searches on google but coming up short.

Maybe if you cared about her you'd help her unpack some of that internalized misogyny instead