I was struck by the stark difference between UCLA's language (left-hand colum, 'Trusted COVID Spokesperson') and the CDC's (middle column, 'COVID-19 Vaccine Info'). Here's the CDC news release referred to on that page, 'New CDC Data: COVID-19 Vaccination Safe for Pregnant People' from 2021.08.11:


Oddly, a newer release, 'Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy affect 1 in 7 hospital deliveries' (2022.04.28), talks of 'pregnant people'... until it turns to the neglect of minorities' needs, when suddenly it's 'women' who are the disfavoured group:

Racial and ethnic disparities of HDP among hospital deliveries are stark, with HDP affecting more than 1 in 5 delivery hospitalizations of Black women and about 1 in 6 delivery hospitalizations of American Indian and Alaska Native women.

Obviously, this is an excellent point in itself, as is this:

The highest prevalence of HDP was among delivery hospitalizations of women over the age of 45 (31%).

Nonetheless, I find the lexical inconsistency puzzling. Is the CDC finally changing its language, bit by bit, back to where it should be? Did it shy away from talking specifically of pregnant 'Black people' or 'American Indian people' for a reason? If so, what would that reason be?

Here's the link to the newer release:


I will say, I have fairly consistently seen quite a few wokies still willing to use the 'W' word when it comes to WOC, but not without qualifying it further. Think it's due to intersectional interpretations where WOC are still seen as oppressed enough to be named and concerned with, but not women as a group that includes WW.

That's interesting, thank you. The mental gymnastics recquired here: (1) women don't form an oppressed class, but (2) e.g. Black people do form an oppressed class; (3) Black women are a subclass of Black people; ergo (4) Black women form an oppressed (sub-)class. The odd step is (3), not because it's false, which it ain't, but precisely because it's true—it acknowleges women's existence as a sex class different from men. So the CDC knows who the women are, it simply won't name them when as just women.

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Or they know that the trans cult hasn't gotten too many tentacles up into Black communities.