What the HELL is wrong with Benjamin Boyce????

Imagine admitting to this publicly AND being proud of it. Fucking shame, this man doesn't have it.

Dude, you are disgusting. That's it. You are a creepy, vile and pathetic excuse for a man.

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I will keep calling males creeps for displaying creepy values and no one can stop me!

Eeww... That's disgusting. Especially considering she talks about older men complimenting her when she was probably a teen.

Not 'probably', she literally begins with "when I was a teen".

tafkamichael replies to him saying "Ew. Benjamin. She was talking about older men telling her how mature she was when she was a kid! That's not like saying to an adult their hair looks nice today." to which Boyce replies "I will compliment females and no one can stop me!"

Is there any other way to interpret that reply than “I tell teenage girls they’re mature for their age all the time and I have no intention of stopping?”

Responding defensively to the first tweet is concerning, but charitably it could be attributed to notallmen syndrome. Doing it again in response to a clarification clinches it. He’s admitting to being a perv who creeps on teenagers.

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This is what came out with his conversation with JCJ where he couldn't shut tf about women in 'yoga pants' (is that leggings?) and she was trying to make him see what it's like to be out and about just doing regular shit in regular clothes only to be sexualised by some rando. But women aren't entirely real to him and he couldn't connect with it.

Also he's preening and I dislike him.

Ah, I only read it once and then wrote my comment and wasn't entirely sure she wrote teen or younger ><

Boyce's reply that "no one can stop me" both seems very entitled, childish and boundary overstepping. It's one thing wanting to give someone a gebuibe compliment, but this is not about the receiver, this is all about him and with no regard to the context. Idiot. (Him, not you)

Ofc yeah nw I do that all the time

For me it's the fact that he doesn't delineate between a female child and a female adult. The post was about creepy and inappropriate male behaviour towards her as a child, and his response is "I'm going to keep doing it". Then when people clarify again that it is about a girl, a literal female child's boundaries, he says there's a "thrill" in threatening to violate those boundaries. Then when people clarify yet again that there is a fucking difference between adults and children, he once again lumps them all together with "I will compliment females".

It's very clear what he is saying and where he stands. I hate when people try to make excuses for someone who repeatedly shows you who they are (not you, just some people in his replies 'defending' him from the 'angry feminists' fucking christ. This is how safeguarding gets obliterated.)

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Watson, @ ImWatson91

When I was a teen, there were older men in my life who'd tell me how "mature" I was "for my age." I was so flattered; it made me feel good about myself.

Every single one of them eventually became creepy and inappropriate.

Girls, he's not complementing you. He's grooming you.

Benjamin Boyce, @ BenjaminABoyce

I’m gonna keep complimenting women. I don’t care how many men do it wrong or for the wrong reasons. I don’t care how many women come along and express surrogate offense. Complimenting women is enjoyable and fun. It’s like a water park with words.

mellifera, @ mellifera18

This isn't about genuine compliments is it. It's about using PUA tactics to get a girl to lower her boundaries.

Benjamin Boyce, @ BenjaminABoyce

Boundaries can be lowered without being violated. (Though threat of overstepping brings a thrill to the proceedings.)