And this harms him how exactly?

Maybe they're just sick of the constant onslaught of sexualized media.

He’s AGP, of course he’s going to be offended by teenage girls who make it apparent that they aren’t giggling hypersexual pyjama party sluts. AGPs hate it when reality contradicts the stuff their penis thinks.

This is why I love KDramas. They don’t throw it in our faces. They just insinuate that it happened but leave it to our imagination. Leaves more screen time for story and character development.

Sex being a private, intimate thing, radical concept in this day and age.

I'm 31 years old and I don't feel comfortable watching sex scenes. Why the creep want children to be forced to watch? Just so it becomes easier to groom them?

It's gotten to the point of absurdity where it's even part of EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL now. Like there's a dishwashing liquid advertised with a bunch of couples saying "we do it eeeeevery night -- and what they mean is that they clean their dishwasher with Cascade every night after dinner or whatever. Or the Downy anti-wrinkle sheets advertised with the kid freaking out about grandma and grandpa rustling together in the closet (they were actually struggling to get something on a high shelf, but the intent is obvious). Like do you really need to put sex in a friggin' ad for toothpaste or detergent?

This isn’t new, did you not get shown the Killing Us Softly movies in school when you were a kid?

I assume it harms him because if teenagers are prude instead of the "I'll fuck anyone once" kind, then they are less likely to accept fucking him.

Maybe would add on to that that for someone who has engineered his entire life around chasing a fetish, the idea that some people out there aren't motivated purely by sex might raise some uncomfortable questions about himself.

I doubt these guys are the introspective types.

You have seen this guy, he doesn' t think there' s anything wrong with him for centering his life on his fetishes, he thinks there' s something wrong with the ones who do not do it. He' s never going to wonder if he' s done something wrong with his life, he will always automatically assume that anyone who doesn' t do what he does is defective and/or a bigot.

I wonder if the pandemic scared kids away from getting close to one another. I guess if one silver lining can come of this...

It "harms" TIMs because young people might sour on their public performance of a paraphilia.

I recall some TRA organization arguing that access to sexualized media is essential for "queer" people to "explore their identities".

I still remember some prominent TRA TIM years ago publicly saying 'we need to make queer porn for kids' to try to shape their developing sexual proclivities to be more attracted ("inclusive") to TIPs. It was such transparently inappropriate grooming (to put it lightly), and yet he barely got any pushback on it.

Porn is everywhere. Showing sex is not particularly edgy nowadays. What it does is make people uncomfortable when watching things in group. Heck i was watching a show solo recently but with the volume up. I was so embarrassed when a sex scene came up (completely gratuitous of course). What if my neighbors or roommate heard?

I looked for movies without sex scenes for movie nights with my family as a kid and still do. It is so awkward to watch a sex scene with your dad or an elderly relative or just most people.

Same, I remember when the Game of Thrones craze was going on and people talked about watching it with their family and I was like what?? There's so much explicit sex and incest in that show, how can you tolerate watching it with your parents?

Honestly, it's not just teens. Most sex scenes in media, even the vanilla ones, are gratuitous at best, and awful at worst.

I want that button, too. 99.9% of the time, sex scenes add nothing to a plot.

You know what I absolutely hate - is when movies open with a sex scene. My reaction is always: I have no idea who these characters are yet, so why would I want to see them nakedly and sweatily rutting and rolling in the hay together?

I get up and walk out. Everybody fucks each other on the Chicago shows so I go to the bathroom or head to the kitchen to make a sandwich until it's time to go and catch bad guys again. I find it to be filler to pad the time block with something irrelevant. It's a pathetic substitute for lazy writing.

I fast forward. Nothing of importance happens during sex scenes and they’re boring.

So I was a fairly sheltered child/teen, homeschooled etc. Most of my friends were in fact puritans, especially their parents. I’ll fully admit that I found sex a titillating, forbidden and exciting subject, and it felt powerful that so many people found my interest shocking!

I’m in my 30’s now. I’ve had three kids in the last 5 years and actually not a whole lot of sex; once you’ve experienced enough of it it’s just not that exciting anymore. You come to realize that the teens giggling about it aren’t shocking the old fogies and mothers; they are BORING them. Like, child, you think your grandmother who had six kids doesn’t know what sex is? There’s a point where it all becomes relatively tedious to treat it like it’s shocking, and while I would ordinarily agree on some level with this tweet and agree that it seems we live in a world where teens seem scared of sex…

… have you SEEN the porn that they have seen? Of course they’re scared. What was considered shocking and titillating when I was a kid is NOT that, now, to these children. They’ve seen worse, and scary, and harmful, and far outside of normal pubescent fumbling and exploration with peers in real life.

I think this is related to the reason I find people into kink-culture so annoying. Like, good for you you figured out The Sex and never grew out of trying to shock other adults. Way to go. Gold star. 🙄

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I've never been able to watch most sex scenes in movies, and I'm old, not a teen. I'm far from a puritan or prude too. It's just that with a few notable exceptions, I find most explicit sex scenes in movies boring or cringe-prompting; they've never seemed realistic, interesting or arousing to me. But then I've never watched any porn, either.

Reading that kids are so sick of sex that they skip sexualization on movies is very encouraging.

I thought everyone was the "open minded, constantly horny" kind nowadays. It's good to know I was wrong.

It makes sense, witnessing graphic imagery (at worst, violent porn, and at best, distasteful TV show sex scenes) at younger and younger ages has got to leave a bad impression that gets carried forward as they grow up. It's sad that they have to deal with that though.

I got really into copyright/IP reform when I read about the "CleanFlicks" legal saga. Basically what the guy did was he sold edited DVDs removed of sex scenes so that families (or just anyone who didn't want to watch gratuitous sexual content) didn't have to manually fast-forward past them. He got sued by the major studios and lost, because "muh creative vision" or something (it's quite obvious what Hollywood's vision consists of). But I thought it was actually kind of sad, and rooted for the guy even though he came from one of the most misogynistic religious cultures (LDS).

Porn piracy is a big deal in warez/scene culture, which like much of hacker culture and the tech world (well, everything, really) is incredibly male-dominated, even more so than the ethos of "stickin' it to The Man." So of course people on forums were mocking him, calling it a waste of time and that he was a "nerd virgin" and so on, totally missing the point of how what the company was doing could be construed as fair-use or a "fan edit". And then you would see their profiles that had thousands and thousands of downloads for this or that fan-edited hentai collection. About the only thing that unifies pirates and Hollywood is getting off on gratuitous sex.

edited DVDs removed of sex scenes

Damn, what a hero, I wish an website like this existed nowadays.

Someone should re-create his DVD collection and set up "CleanTorrents". There is a market (the store had sold thousands of DVDs at its peak) even if the porn-addled warez kiddies don't want to admit it. Hollywood sure noticed. They didn't want a competitor eating into their sex-crazed profit margins by proving that the production codes they fought tooth-and-nail to eliminate for ostensible purposes of "artistic expression" weren't all that bad of an idea. And could actually make money.

Yep. I do believe there's a growing trend of sex-negativity (as in, the opposite of sex-positivity), with gen Z. Of course, there's still a long way to go and some will probably be coming at it for all the wrong reasons (like those "men going their own way" types, I think). But still. The internet has bestowed upon us the name "puriteens."

I've also seen a lot of "studies" coming up that say gen Z is doing less of rite-of-passage behaviors or milestones, and nearly always having sex or losing their virginity is identified as one of these rite-of-passage/milestone behaviors. Sometimes it makes since, like when we're talking about acquiring a drivers license, getting a first job, moving out of parents' house, etc. But it pisses me off to see sex and also alcohol put alongside those. If sex and drinking is how you think of adulthood, as markers of maturity, I think that says more about whoever's behind these "studies"--well, behind interpreting these studies this way. You can't trust anyone to not take statistics out of context

The only thing I wish I could do is to be employed and drive a car, because independence. Being disabled sucks, no matter how much sugarcoating "activists" try to put on it.

But other than that, I have zero interest in anything else "prurient" you have to be of a certain age to do. Family history of alcoholism for one, and even just the concept of writhing like dogs in heat makes me want to puke.

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Maybe some of the teens are alright after all. And I'm sorry you had to inherit this porn rotten world.

I prefer it when they just fade to black. I think that's why I have a hard time enjoying romance novels, even though I like otome games and the romance aspect in other fiction. I think sometimes it comes across as people falling into lust instead of love and I want stories about people falling in love.

I also find it rather telling that he is also complaining about the teens not wanting to see stuff that depicts cheating. I hope someone doesn't have a partner.

Next, teen girls are going to demand a ‘wanking-penis-attached-to perv” free zones

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