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Don’t give them any ideas! If TRAS have their way, we may see it on the next update. I don’t think any bridge is too far for them.


I wonder why that is? Someone should complain about it being transphobic, since trans men can have breasts and breastfeed too and they are heckin' valid UwU.

Although I fear they would then go ahead and legit make a breastfeeding man emoji.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time until some fetishistic tech bro TIM sneaks it in, but Apple won't make some "look at how inclusive we are" pandering announcement.

I did notice this, as I had been bracing myself for the possibility of such an abomination. Also thankful that my computer, despite quite new, doesn't have any "pregnant man" emoji. Though I love the idea that it'd just be used by beer belly men and guys who just ate a massive chipotle burrito lmao...