I mean, duh, of course when you frame it like that, it's uncommon: 0% of boys menstruate. 0% of boys have ever menstruated. "Period."

But the gist of the thread is to point out that even if 10-year-old girls were capable of getting pregnant thousands of years ago, it doesn't make sexual abuse of children morally acceptable. Which is of course true. That being said, she shoots down her own argument when she insists that saying "pregnant people" is valid because "people" encompasses "children." So why not just say "pregnant girls"? Because (of course) we can't have the "erasure of trans people" getting in the way of combating child rape. Literally nothing is allowed to take precedence over boo-hoo twanz fee-fees. Presumably she doesn't want to hear safeguarding arguments about how gender bullshit in and of itself is sexualized child abuse. How many mastectomies were performed in the medieval era on developing girls to "make them into boys"? Perhaps she could weigh in on the castrati of yore -- was that barbaric or nah?

Her bio is fun. Drug rave and mushroom mom who wants to "organize, decolonize and abolish billionaires." Argues downthread that rape is a byproduct of capitalism, which is inherently racist and colonialist and needs to be "deconstructed." In other words sexual abuse of kids wasn't a thing until white people came along and took all the bad acid or something.

To deconstruct CSA is to condone it, I think is her ass backwards argument, but she probably doesn't think she's doing that. It's the latest woke noble savage trope. Everything was idyllic and perfect. It totally silences the abuse non-white children faced and face by people pf their own ethnic backgrounds. It's sick.

Breast ironing, FGM, circumcision. Honestly I'm surprised the wokeists haven't condemned the child gender-butchers of the West for cultural appropriation. But then, the wokeists seem to have adopted a sort of moral relativism when it comes to those activities too, even going so far as to excoriate someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali who endured it in her native Somalia as being a hateful scold and even a "white supremacist" because she condemned not only the men in her own country who did that, but the white wokeists who tolerated it under a misguided approach to "combating prejudice."