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Advice to parents of trans kiddos?

My kiddo is 7. She came to me last year telling me she is a girl and has felt that way for as long as she can remember. We talked about what that meant for her, discussed pronouns and name.

We redid her wardrobe as soon as we were able (within a week) and I told her it was her choice and her journey when she decided to start socially transitioning/telling people etc. at first she just went by her new name and pronouns at home, but began wearing her new clothes at school. Within a week she had decided to tell everyone she could. She was fully out.

We have had to cut some people out of our lives due to transphobia which has been hard for all of us, but I want her to know nothing but love from the people who are closest to her. We’ve had our bumps in the road since we live in an incredibly conservative area, but I’ve been her biggest advocate through it all. (And I’ve had to site the law a few times at her old school) Her pediatrician has been amazing and she is seen regularly at the gender clinic and has regular therapy.

We haven’t made the name change legal yet because I worry when she is older what if she hates the name we choose? Also her bio dad is estranged so I need to deal with that before we’re able to do a name change anyways.

We are saving up so we can move to a more liberal area hopefully before she hits puberty so she can get the medical care she wants/needs when the time comes.

Any advice you can give me as her parent? What are things I might not even be thinking about to make her feel supported, and loved? What can I do for her as she grows up?

Tysm in advance!