So he’s too young to change his name, but old enough to change his sex.

"what are things I might not even be thinking about to make [her] feel supported, and loved? What can I do for [her] as [she] grows up?"


Tell him he's perfect just as he is. Tell him the truth, stop feeding delusions. Let him wear whatever he wants. Let him play with whatever he wants. If he ends up being gay, support him.
Don't sterilize him. Stop using him for attention.

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Get him out of the environment (school, probably) that's warping his sense of himself. And be alert to the possibility of child sexual abuse.

A new sticker: "Kids need reared, not queered."

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Transhausens by proxy.

I don’t believe a single thing that any TRAS write. It’s all fiction and if this one just so happens to not be because it was once in a million times that a 7-year-old told his mother when he was 6-years-old, that he was a girl, yeah, right, of course, she has to “ask transgenders” for more validating head-pats…

Yes, I am sick of all of them.

Would it be callous to say I hope she fucking regrets what she's done to her son when reality catches up and it haunts her for the rest of her days? I wish the same for Jeanette Jennings and Suzie Green but I think those two are too far gone up their own arse.

"Cut them out due to transphobia" more like you just shut everyone who was trying to warn you about the dangers of it out. This is nothing but the affirmation model 100%.

I hate all these fucking groomer parents that are letting their kids run their own lives instead of actually fucking parenting them. It's so fucking despairing to see all these parents just fucking drop common sense in the name of validation because strangers will praise them online.

Well, there is nothing more on trend than having a trans child...I just don't understand what goes through doctors and educators minds' when they pander to this destructive nonsense. People have completely lost their minds.

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It's the ultimate low-effort way to a trophy child. Decades ago, it was high IQ, then creativity (I grew up during the creativity era), then "giftedness"--but all that involved work, and eventually had to show results.

Health care, unfortunately, is susceptible to special interests, to people promoting a treatment and an agenda, and the general population of physicians being overly trusting in their colleagues. Since the profession is self-protective and individuals are invested in the belief that they are doing good, it can be difficult to challenge. It will eventually correct, because there are mechanisms to right the ship, but that does not undo the harm, or apparently protect against the next fad coming along.

Why does she have the child in therapy if all you need to do is affirm their identity?

If it was really about her son, wouldn’t she just listen to him?

If he isn’t asking about it, why bother doing it

Image transcription: r/asktransgender

Advice to parents of trans kiddos?

My kiddo is 7. She came to me last year telling me she is a girl and has felt that way for as long as she can remember. We talked about what that meant for her, discussed pronouns and name.

We redid her wardrobe as soon as we were able (within a week) and I told her it was her choice and her journey when she decided to start socially transitioning/telling people etc. at first she just went by her new name and pronouns at home, but began wearing her new clothes at school. Within a week she had decided to tell everyone she could. She was fully out.

We have had to cut some people out of our lives due to transphobia which has been hard for all of us, but I want her to know nothing but love from the people who are closest to her. We’ve had our bumps in the road since we live in an incredibly conservative area, but I’ve been her biggest advocate through it all. (And I’ve had to site the law a few times at her old school) Her pediatrician has been amazing and she is seen regularly at the gender clinic and has regular therapy.

We haven’t made the name change legal yet because I worry when she is older what if she hates the name we choose? Also her bio dad is estranged so I need to deal with that before we’re able to do a name change anyways.

We are saving up so we can move to a more liberal area hopefully before she hits puberty so she can get the medical care she wants/needs when the time comes.

Any advice you can give me as her parent? What are things I might not even be thinking about to make her feel supported, and loved? What can I do for her as she grows up?

Tysm in advance!


She's hung up about changing the name because the child may hate it later. What about all the rest of it?

And I’ve had to site the law a few times at her old school

*cite the law. 🙄