Tabling my issues with men in woman face aside, and they’re substantial but they are tabled for the rest of this comment: it is so weird that people are lumping in drag shows for children with LGBT acceptance. Wtf. In my libfem days I went to many but would never have brought a child to one, and my extremely liberal and extremely LGB friends would never done it either. They’re lewd. They’re raunchy. They’re full of sex jokes. That’s not for kids. The push to force people to virtue signal on social media about how great they are shows how powerful both the social media mob is and how people now agree with anything they think their political party aligns with. I would never equate not taking young children to a drag show or “drag queen story hour” with homophobia. What in the actual fuck.

I don't understand how LGBT acceptance went from "we're normal people except that we like people of the same sex" to "if you dont accept my public fetish then you're a bigot"...

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Person wasn't even a TERF, just a regular supportive normie and even they peaked.

TRAs are the greatest TERF creators.

Image Transcript: Twitter / Mumsnet

ripx4nutmeg, @ ripx4nutmeg

A drag event at the National Theatre this weekend, played in front of families including very young children, involved a drag queen 'with a bulge' saying we should 'teach children to open their legs'. Then drag kings took their clothes off to show off their mastectomy scars

[Am I Being Unreasonable] To be LIVID at the National Theatre?

helpmeunderstand04 • Yesterday 19:46

I was at the National Theatre festival this Saturday which was advertised as outdoor live music, dance, performance, workshops and family fun. I thought great, perfect way to spend a Saturday.

We were there from 6:30 and the drag act on stage was promoting inclusivity and had, what started as a great message. They said...

'We need to teach our children to open their hearts, teach our children to open their minds and to teach our children to open their legs'. The last line was said with the same tone as if it was a risque joke.

Both me and DP are just disgusted by what we saw. We couldn't believe it. This act had a short dress on and their bulge was showing through out It was just plain weird. Fine in a club, not at a festival literally targeted as being good for families.

From then the evening just got weirder. There was a drag queen and a drag king contest. Great!! literally had never seen drag king acts and was really excited and thought it was great representation and diversity.

However, with every single drag king act they took their clothes off. No drag queens take their clothes off, but the drag kings did and were showing their scars from their mastectomy/gender affirming surgery. I do get the message that they are proud and don't need to hide and really I do agree with that But it just felt weird that women who now identify as men are still having to tak.e their clothes off, where as the drag queens didn't remove one item of clothing.

AIBU in feeling angry at the marketing team at the national theatre?

Full Mumsnet discussion: https://archive.ph/18FGd

This person gets it. Why do ALL the TIFs always show off their scars? Almost like... they want to show off how unsexualized they made themselves by sexualizing themselves all over again? 🤔

Edit: OP doesn't get it 🤦‍♀️

No, I am all for drag story telling hour. They are fun and harmless and the kids love it.

No problem with drag since I was there. It was the comment about open legs that truly shocked me.

What the hell drag queen stories have you been to lady there is no such thing as a "family friendly drag" BECAUSE OF THE EXACT SHIT YOU DESCRIBED. It's like saying "child friendly porn". The bulge and breastless scars were okay??

[–] [Deleted] 26 points Edited

OP is abusing their child, I said what I said. That shit is not for children and continuing to expose them is negligence. They're taking their kids to a glorified porn show, it's sickening.

"I was disgusted with what I saw."

"So you left, right? ...right?"

The comments are fucking painful. I thought Mumsnet was terfier than this.

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Right, it's the libfem bullshit of listing out just how wrong something is but also stating you're 100% for it still, to keep the peace. But it's not just social media nonsense, it's a real life child, their child FFS. Caring more about appearing woke then safeguarding.

This is shit that's gonna fuck those kids up, grooming and boundary pushing behaviour like this absolutely is detrimental to a child's well being. I honestly shudder to think how they'll see the world ,and what they'll think is normal. What predators will use to hurt them because they don't know better.

OP and the comment section are so damn naive. Don't expose your children to perverts.

[–] GCRadFem 26 points

Horrifying to the ultimate degree. First off, I would never, ever have taken my kids (or my grandkids) to any type of drag show- I hate them-.

Secondly, teach them to open their legs?? Then, the coup de grace, drag kings taking off their shirts to show children their breast removal scars??!

Disgusting and inappropriate on so very many levels.

Where in the hell have boundaries gone? Is nothing sacred any longer?

It's crazy to me that these 'children welcome' drag shows continued acting like this in light of the increased scrutiny and growing accusations of 'grooming' taking place around this shit. One would think this would be the time to be on their absolute best, most PG behavior.

While I hate everything about drag shows, they ought to be strictly limited adults. CONSENTING ADULTS.

These parents are abusing their children by exposing them to such crap in live shows and on tv. All to virtue signal how cool and tolerant and sexually liberal they are. Its not, and never has been, "just dress up and sequins and makeup." Mom was horrified at the start, but didn't set an example for her kid by leaving, did she? Heaven forbid she get called out for being a prude!

These parents need to use their fucking brains and actually PARENT by PROTECTING their kids!

So, were all the drag kings transmen? I thought dressing in drag meant dressing as the opposite "gender."

[–] LonelyKindred Jaded Tomboy 8 points

A disturbing amount of Kings are TIFs. I have no idea why. Thought the whole ass point of the act is it's a woman donning an exaggerated, sexy and shocking visage of a man.

OP also clearly saw them as women acting as men when these were probably regular ass TIFs outside of the show. So is it only misgendering when they're not in drag? 🤔🙄

How can it be legal to target children sexually or show them sexualized “entertainment”?

How is this legal? If Ronald McDonald said this in a McDs restaurant, would that make it somehow different?

This genuinely shocked me. The National Theatre?

I hope I would have the courage to walk out and then write a very clear letter of complaint to the NT afterwards.

This seems like child abuse.

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