[–] crodish 32 points Edited

Oh my goodness! Why didn't ANYONE think of this?? Absolutely mind blowing, especially the emphasis on washing up before and after the surgery!! Excellent work, doctor. Just chef's kiss phenomenal brain activity going on here.

Kindergarten level comprehension of surgery and biology. Fucking idiots. Please go ahead and volunteer. I'll fully support it. I hear you get Darwin Awards, it's great.

Oh, don't leave foreign objects like scalpels 'n such inside the body. Taking notes.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 7 points

Please go ahead and volunteer. I'll fully support it. I hear you get Darwin Awards, it's great.


[+] [Deleted] 22 points
[–] GCRadFem 22 points

My medical training in my career tech high-school completely came out in my words

Haha. A real, genuine expert.


[–] ouvalemonde EmpressLadybrain 33 points

(2)Attending surgions and surgical nurses, wash hands thoroughly.

I lost it at this one

I did too! Then towards the end he’s like “if there are complications, treat them”. Okay great thank you genius that is groundbreaking!

Don't forget this one:

(8) Attending surgions and surgical nurses, Wash hands again.


(5) Swap reproductive organs over with sterilized equipment. (6) Make sure any / all equipment used isn't in / on the bodies.

Actually, every single step is a pure genius.

[–] crodish 16 points Edited

I thought the first time was a typo. This idiot really had no idea how to spell "surgeon". It's so painfully childish. Like a 7 year old's english essay on what he thinks a doctor does.

[–] ouvalemonde EmpressLadybrain 26 points

"First, walk into the room. Second, make sure the lights are turned on. Third, remember to blink and breathe. Fourth, wash your hands."

[–] SuddenlyRamen 14 points Edited

Listen, I know it will be several years until uterine transplants are fully accessible to transgender women such as you or I.

Hahaha! Try several lifetimes and several different realities mate.

Edit: I had a look at his YouTube and this man is legitimately deranged (aren't they all) so his post doesn't surprise me at all now. Plus he's on that weird creepy AF sub where TiMs face swap their gender swapped face app pictures onto women's bodies and pretend to be them. He's currently pretending to be a pregnant woman. Basically.

He's a scarey mentally ill dude and his "fem voice" is truly the stuff of Nightmares.

He posted a mountain dew haul 😂 like people do when they go on a makeup spending spree, but with mountain dew instead. 😭

Props to the commenter telling them to stop making abortion a joke

Yes! And the douchebag who mansplains that it’s transphobic to tell a man joking about abortion to stop after you personally had one and struggled with it. And then the asshole goes on to explain that he is a nihilist and hates everything therefore he needs a uterus transplant so he can abort it and ow my head hurts.

"I'm a self-destructive nihilist uwu". Okay, then go self-destroy. Oops, what you really meant is "I love to destroy others to nurture my nihilism kink like the manly man I am".

I like how his 'step by steps' go into perfectly obvious details and just...gloss over the parts that would actually describe what would be needed to effectively graft a uterus into a male body, keep it there, and carry a pregnancy to term. Practically "insert uterus" and "gestate fetus." To give him credit, he does at least comprehend some need to help himself to even more body parts off of the woman, but still, watcha hookin' that uterus up to there, sport?

Also figures that he's advising them to start a GoFundMe and start taking prenatal vitamins to be prepared for a procedure that's never been successfully done in males and has one crackpot surgeon out there advertising he's willing to attempt it.

Also wow, looked deeper into the comments and this dude announcing how he'll be pregnant any day now apparently hadn't even heard of said surgeon and asked the person who told him "how much he's charging for this procedure."


I love how he doesn't mind having a living TiF donor but any non-trans identifying woman donor must be dead.

Suspect he feels he's being magnanimous in which women he targets to scrap for parts: only the ones who aren't using them, what's the problem?

Honestly the thread the other day about implanting an embryo in an eye or whatever and it basically devouring any other tissue it came across is the only thing I've ever read that made me think positively of implanting a pregnancy in a male. Like you know, you stick it in and it devours the host like a wasp larva or something, killing the man slowly but horrifically, converting his physical body into nothing more than goo, fuel for the placenta that assimilates it and destroys the man's self. I think it could make a great psychological/body horror/sci-fi revenge gore-fest of a film.

[–] crodish 4 points Edited

There's a gross infamous hand drawn 4 panel comic of a man who gets pregnant in his ballsack and when he gives birth through his penis it completely destroys it on the way out. Someone on youtube also filmed a more realistic, serious version of the same concept.

It’s creepy as fuck how he wants some other woman’s genitalia in it’s entirety along with her reproductive organs.

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