Update on this, the government just said the forms will be replaced with ones that say mother.


1/3 Just regarding the story in the Daily Tele about a form that was part of a pilot program launched in 3 hospitals under the previous Coalition Government.

2/3 When I was informed of this situation yesterday, I instructed the responsible officials they should cease using the previous government’s forms.

3/3 They will be replaced with new forms that use the word mother, not birthing parent, which is consistent with other Medicare forms.

oh wow. Thanks for posting that update. Love how he made it clear it was launched under the Coalition Government and how quickly he had it scrapped lol- women have definitely shifted the Overton window on this issue in favour of women. I think politicians have realised it's no longer politically expedient to dismantle women's rights. and this coming from Labor wow... hope on the horizon?

This is why my remaining sympathies for tifs are going down the drain. They are heavily backed by this insane lobby, and took every opportunity to erase their sex class, even when they are going through the most female biological process ever. So, dysphoria is non existing when creating a new child in this already increasingly shitty world, while themselves can’t even cope with their most basic reality? Sure, seems safe and sane /s

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What do they refer to the father as (if he's on there at all)?

I have to admire how Sall is still tweeting GC stuff like this despite having just given birth. It's so frustrating that genderwoo literally cannot be avoided for her.

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Fuck this. I don’t usually have to fill out forms, because they bill the Medicare refund electronically, but I’ll be alert for this from now on.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Sall Grover, @ salltweets

Attention women in Australia:

On the form to put our newborn baby on our Medicare card, we are referred to as "birthing parent".

Enough is enough.

This absolute bullsh*t is exclusionary, alienating and derogatory towards every woman wants to be and is called "mother".

[Image of text.]

*giving false of misleading inf

Birthing parent's full name

Birthing parent's signature


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This instantaneously pissed me off.

Men demand that everyone jump: organizations and governments ask how high? That high?

OK, you got it.

TW only went on this rant to include TIFS because it helped to shore up their own position and demands.

We know that TIMS do not give a damn about TIFS.

Women ask for anything, anything at all. Answer is no or is ignored.

I wonder if this was done to be accommodating of same sex couples though? I filled in this form as the "other mother", who didn't birth our child, and I kind of appreciated the phrase at the time. However I'm totally aware that the feelings of the second parent shouldn't trump the importance of using the correct language. It just feels like something that may have been done to be inclusive of kids who have two mums.

Legally, the mother is the woman who gestates and gives birth. Check out this thread on why the word mother is extremely important (has specific status and responsibility in law). Not only for using the correct language as you mentioned, but for the safeguarding of babies, and legal issues esp in exploitative and misogynistic practices such as surrogacy.