Oh, look. A TIM who is a narcissistic abuser.

This is my shocked face.

I hope sister can deny, deny, deny plausibly, and if she can't, then she needs to go 100 percent NC with her POS brother for the rest of his grotesque, abusive fetish-filled life. If he wants to die on this stupid hill, then he can do it alone.

Suspect her life would materially improve going NC with him regardless.

Sometimes it's staggering thinking of the amount of loyalty women waste on men who aren't even slightly loyal to us in return. He doesn't deserve her support, but she's likely to keep giving it to him long past this proof of that because of the sense of obligation that's been baked into her towards him.

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What a self-centered scumbag. He's practically shouting from the rooftops that he doesn't care if he does something to hurt her badly as long as it might conceivably benefit him in some small way...or even just temporarily scratches that resentful itch he feels towards her.

Wonder if part of it isn't also acting with the instincts of an abuser, wanting to cut off his supportive family member from the rest of her family so he has her all to himself (and can center himself in her life instead of sharing her time and attention with them). Trying to make her an outcast in the family too so he can try to pull the 'all we have is each other' card if she starts getting sick of his shit.

I'd also place my bet that his 'realizing his true identity' arc involved a lot of 'borrowing' her clothing.

Edited to add: Also placing my bet that there's no way he doesn't tell them about it, no matter what she does at this point. If she disinvites him or follows most of the commenters' advice, he'll do it out of sheer spite.

What the actual fuck. Coming out trans was HIS idea. He doesn't get to leverage her experience against her to feel less guilty about it. FUCK him. Jesus fuck I hate trans-identified males so much they're so fucking LOW.

I will gladly rub it in our parents’ faces that you aren’t coming because they are horrible judgmental people

LOL, this comment seems like the parents actually would feel bad about it?

Let alone the fact that if they are so outspoken about not wanting this bullshit run in their house, I am pretty sure that they would be glad if their son never showed up until he stops with that nonsense and apologizes, but he sounds like a blackmailing piece of shit anyway, and I doubt he' s been adorable and awesome for the past decades and just now he shows his true colours. If he stopped showing up and I were his relative, I would probably throw a party.

I really hope this girl gets out ahead of her shit brother. I would just go right to the parents and tell them that he broke down crying about how he's seen as the bad child and he wants me to make something up to look bad too so he won't be the only one. He then suggested that I lie to you guys and say I had an abortion. I told him hell no and now he's threatening to do it himself if you guys "push him too far."

”Don’t do as your sister narcissistic brother says. Your sister narcissistic brother isn’t thinking of you, she’s he’s only thinking of herself himself.”