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This week on "Normal Island”: as temperatures soar, the government asks are trans people, people?", and if the heat doesn‘t get you, record inflation will, with the tories planning to tackle this by confiscating your passport if you do a hit of weed. More at 10., posted to r/greenandpleasant

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Can anyone share a source on the government asking "are trans people, people?" I'm interested to know who actually said that


They didn't. Poeple are just talking to feminists about safety concerns/reaching a compromise this week.

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'Feminists' here meaning a group of mostly middle-class, middle aged women who have partnered with some of the most anti-feminist men in politics.


Because young, poor, and/or marginalized women just LOVE having dicks waved in their faces. They love having men invade their spaces and take their stuff

And the agism too...cause if you're middle class AND middle age AND female, you're meant to be ignored.

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In a way that's good. If they're at the point where they ban people for mild comments like this it means that either they're starting to panic or that they are getting way too bold and will lose everything soon.

Sorry about your ban though, it's really frustrating.

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Ugh yeah, feminists meaning women though :/ the worst kind of feminism, the kind that involves women :/

Middle class, middle-aged women have rights too. Surprised they didn't slip "white" in there just for good measure.

Like most TIMs aren't white middle aged middle to high class HYPER PRIVILEGED MEN, men so insanely privileged and bored they wanked themselves into brain damage and are now spendings cold heart cash to transform themselves into their own sex slaves.

That is indeed the profile of most TIMs, and especially the most aggressive and misogynistic TRAs and “transbians.” They also take their money and privilege overseas like all other male “sexpats” to force their way into women’s spaces in non-Western countries.

Ugh yeah like the white coloniser TIMs shutting down lesbian bars in Japan. The "left" will go apeshit over a white person wearing dreads but a full on male with a gross lesbian fetish appropriating the female sex, destroying lesbian bars in an Asian country and threatening POCs with violence is totally "yass queen".

Lately the implication seems to be that some women are too privileged to have rights, and the people championing that don't seem to notice (or care about) the contradiction inherent in that.

I know! The misogyny of that.. you could just tell they were itching to type Karen.
Yes, women care about women's rights. What does it matter if they're middle aged? What does it matter what class they are?
Most GCs I know are working class anyway, but with answers as pompous and out-of-touch as those in r/greenandpleasant, I think I know where the middle class people are hiding.

When they say "middle aged" what they really mean is "old", and everyone knows "old" women don't count and should just shut up so we can die with our legacy left in tact and not spoil it with any of our "aged" opinions. Whereas for men, the term "middle age" carries an entirely different connotation.