When I think about TikTok, all this gender bullshit, and how kids these days literally cannot escape being brainwashed by this shit 24-7 by the internet, I a) am so thankful that I grew up in the 90s, when there was no internet and even when there was it was like, geocities, and b) fearful for the future. How can people just inject themselves with experimental hormones without a second thought?

Nothing about this is progressive.

Image Transcription: TikTok

[Text is overlaid on an image of a girl wearing heavy makeup and a long purple wig, winking at the camera.]

I can be feminine and androgynous on testosterone, I was before it wasn't I? :)

@ alex renee

5 days on t todayyy #genderfluid

5 days on T is not going to show the effects... what is happening here

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Idiots fishing for clout. She'll change her tune when her voice breaks and facial hair comes in. T is not for funsies.

She has no fucking clue what T does it sounds like

How are you going to put on a wig makeup and a dress and pretend you want to look androgynous? 🤔