I mean, if I could do something without any consequences it would be tracking down this dude and [redacted to avoid a ban]. I wonder if he'd be okay with that, after all I'm a great person 🥺

[–] crodish 50 points Edited

This site has basically righteously nourished my almost non-existent misandry into a raging fire of hate.

"I'm not a bad person but I wish I could rape." You're not a bad person, you're evil and you should rot in whatever real hell equivalent is applicable on this godforsaken earth.

I used to think men were human just like us, if somewhat more aggressive and emotional, then social media happened...

Yeah, seeing the way they actually feel about us when they can speak anonymously is fucking INSANE. I regret so many things I've done for/put up with from men.

Add me to the list. I try daily to not hate men, to believe that they don’t hate us as much as they do. But they continue to prove me wrong on the daily. Its depressing.

Yep. Reddit peaked me on men. I would probably never have ended up here if not for that site.

I'm always baffled when they try to hide behind the stupid argument "I think of it but would never act on it! Didn't you know that we have intrusive thoughts? It doesn't mean I'm a bad person!"

My dude, my desires to rape are NONE. Intrusive thoughts can say the most wild things, but if you are truly horrified from an action you don't even have one single thought about it.

Yes, you are a bad person. That's who you are. Someone who has a nice facade and hides a horrible side.

I wonder why he specified "no condom". Did he want the extra cruelty of exposing her to the risk of STDs and pregnancy or did he just want the extra 5% of pleasure?

He's saying he wants to get her pregnant and force her to give birth. In "real life", he's "not a rapey person" and "pro-choice", but in his personal consequence-free utopia, where his ultimate desire is to violate a woman's human rights, he is a rapist and forced-birther.

[–] crodish 24 points Edited

Tangent but my dad used to harp at me about how without the bible to tell us not to rape and murder that the whole world would fall into chaos. I used to think that was stupid because... common sense, we're not heathens. Now I realize it's just "because men will".

I remember someone on here commented that men invented the bible for themselves specifically because they kept doing shit like this and wanted to be held accountable. idk how true it is, but man.

[–] notyourfetish 22 points Edited

but in his personal consequence-free utopia, where his ultimate desire is to violate a woman's human rights, he is a rapist and forced-birther.

Your comment reminded me of something.

There's this mission in Mass Effect 2 where Shepard discovers Jacob's dad was stranded on a deserted planet and started a harem where he and the male crew raped all the female crewmates...

But why did that need to be a mission in a video game for fucking teenagers? Why did the male writers need to include a vile mission about rape?

Men seem to all have this gross fantasy of raping women without consequences, as if any of their sorry asses ever went to jail.

I literally had to turn off two movies (one is The Last Duel, the other some random "Russian" spy movie) and they had GRAPHIC rape scenes.

Like why tf was that necessary? How did that advance the story at all?

I turned the movies off as soon as the scene started but I was just disgusted. I literally have not watched a movie without reading summaries first to make sure (and to make sure I don't accidentally give money to people like Emma Watson or a Hollywood rapist)

He wants to mark her with his disgusting seed. That's the line of thought.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 39 points

Funny how “without consequences” immediately translates to “criminal”.

I' ll be honest here, if I could do something without consequences, I would probably hunt down rapists, pedophiles and their cheerleaders. While hurting these specific people comes from a reaction to their actions/society not dealing with them appropriately and not an innate desire to just hurt someone like this guy, it' s still criminal.

Seriously. Men only behave minimally functionally for society because they’re afraid of consequences. Laws are basically required in society because men. I, for example, would eat any food I want without gaining fat. Ask men this question, it’s always some legal thing. If they were a micro measure of decent, their first response would be, “be able to be around women without having to debase them because of my boners.”

[+] [Deleted] 23 points

I once wrote in my diary dedicated to how much I hate men, "the most evil woman in the world has nothing on your average man."

How true this is. Your average man thinks and feels this way about every women. If they could get away with it 100%.

in my diary dedicated to how much I hate men

Of late, most of my diaries have also turned into this. It might be worthwhile to have a separate diary just to contain the rage and hatred.

I feel like such a hypocrite for that answer because I consider myself a bit of a liberal feminist

Hey, man of the year, don' t worry. Given liberal feminists' s stance on boundaries and women' s safety around men, there' s nothing hypocritical in wanting to rape women AND being a liberal feminist.

Your credentials as a "feminist" are safe. Phew, you dodged a bullett here!!!!!!

I'm already on a one-strike-left watchlist for inciting violence, so I'll say this: I hope this man has exactly the sort of day he deserves 🥰

[–] proudcatlady 5 points Edited

I have to censor myself so much on this site too. Not complaining about the rules, which are important and necessary. I just…before I peaked men I didn’t used to have a head full of these thoughts lol. They really being out the worst in us.

Whew! He’s pro- choice and a “liberal feminist”, gyns! Nothing to see here! He would support his rape victims abortion y’all! What a great guy!


"I'm against pedophilia but if I had a chance I would totally rape a kid. But it is illegal you know? So I would never do that! I'm not a pedophile, I'm a good man! I donate money to save the children each year!"

The stupidity, the audacity.

[–] funfetti 15 points Edited

So if your Reddit account is suspended you can still edit your comments. Today I learned.

Him FOUR hours ago

Edit: My main comment got deleted and reported, but I would never physically attack and overpower a woman who would fight me off. By "no consequences" I imagined that she would just lie there and passively submit to being fucked with no objections. Like I wouldn't physically attack someone. I'm also not interested in fucking a passed out woman or in date rape in real life. Jeeze, I'm really not helping myself. I literally volunteered for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. sigh You'll probably be glad to know that my account got banned for that comment (but for some reason I'm still able to edit comments).

He edited this comment

It's without any consequences. I understood that to mean something illegal, like murder, theft, rape, etc. There are no negative consequences associated with having consensual sex with a very attractive woman. Like that wouldn't even be an appropriate answer to the prompt. And don't tell me whether I am allowed to call myself a feminist. People are constantly gatekeeping feminism. I know a radical feminist who said that women who wear makeup and shave aren't allowed to call themselves radical feminists. I believe that woman are equal to and in some aspects superior to men, and I am against misogyny and forced birth. That is enough to make me qualify as a feminist.

Link https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/w29d31/comment/igpv03m/

He made it to r/niceguys https://www.reddit.com/r/niceguys/comments/w3m81h/i_took_a_quick_look_through_here_and_didnt_see/

Ah, he would only rape someone who is unconscious and doesn't fight back!

That makes everything OK, poor guy he was just a nice soul who got misunderstood!!!


What he means is a woman’s berserk and desperate resistance would prick at what little conscience he has and get under his skin (and then it would be her fault for affecting him emotionally). Much better to project all his most beastly and depraved fantasies onto a woman-shaped object.

my favourite comment from the r/niceguys post:

No, because even in his wildest fantasies and hypothetical scenarios, nobody wants to have sex with him.

I literally volunteered for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. sigh And don't tell me whether I am allowed to call myself a feminist. People are constantly gatekeeping feminism.

So he thinks he's a feminist because he supported a female political candidate's campaign? But the first thing he would do if he didn't need to worry about consequences is sexually dominate a non-consenting woman. Yeah, here's to gatekeeping the f_ck out of feminism, against the people like this scrote who would render it absolutely meaningless if not actively harmful to women by using it as a 'free pass'.

The more he writes the worst comes out. If he feels even a little ashamed of himself it is a good thing.

And don't tell me whether I am allowed to call myself a feminist.

Cry harder rapist.

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