I hate that people use “consent” as a shield

Oh, do you? There’s a word for people like you.

How would you feel if someone said “no offence, but I wouldn’t date someone like you”

When that someone is a gay man or straight woman? I wouldn’t feel anything lol

Also, don't most people have this experience?? Like I've been told people wouldn't date me because I have body hair, trauma, small breasts, acne scars, a postgraduate degree (lol), weird hobbies, etc... Like...I don't want to date someone who doesn't want to date me. This is such a bizarre talking point.

Wow, guess I'm a misogynist then because I don't want to date women.

Dear trans people: you aren't just unfuckable, everything about you is repulsive. Your misogyny, your narcissism, your delusion, your disgusting fetishes, your mutilated bodies. The whole package is rotten. This isn't an unfounded fear, it is the truth. Y'all suck to be around in any capacity.

And also if you have to manipulate and gaslight people into fucking you, you're a rapist. Extra repulsive.

How would you feel if someone said “no offence, but I wouldn’t date someone like you”

While that delivery is rather rude/nasty, at the end of the day why would you want a partner who isn't physically and emotionally attracted to you? Even if everyone was bisexual like he's implying, you can't be attracted to everyone, you simply can't. I'm gay, and I'm not attracted to every woman I see. In fact, I don't feel an attraction to most women I meet. And I have never felt attraction to a man. My rate of attraction to others is very small. That doesn't make me a bigot, it just means I'm a homosexual with a low and very specific sex drive lol.

I think a thing that would help a lot of these men out would be for them to learn that someone not being attracted to you isn't a personal attack or a sign that you are undesirable as a whole. It just means you aren't that person's cuppa when it comes to the bedroom.

For example, most hetero women I know would love a man who looks like Brad Pitt, but I wouldn't because I only like women. Does that make men who look like him unattractive? Hell no lmao! It just means men like that are unattractive to me personally...because I am gay. Same sort of principle. Not wanting to fuck you isn't a personal attack.

God, what rapey logic. I don’t to sleep with someone who doesn’t want to sleep with me, at all, ever for any reason. And it’s really gross that this doesn’t seem to matter at all to TiMs. This would be like lesbians going around and calling straight women homophobic for their “genital preferences” for dick.

I am so over the “preferences” argument. It’s not like ordering chocolate ice cream but the shop is out so you decide you’ll be fine with vanilla that day.

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I also hate how sacrosanct the "preference" is. People treat it like it's an innate immutatble orientation, and not just, you know, something you you say you prefer.

There's no way he typed that out without knowing what he was doing. They know it is an innate orientation, but they're getting off on stripping it of that status, playing the victim while waving away decades of effort by the LGB community to hammer home that we were "born this way".
These people hate gay rights as much as they hate women's rights, they are as radical right wing as it gets. I'm so mad at the "left wing" people who fight so ardently for this.

Translation: I am a rapist and I hate that I can't just rape lesbians without being called out for it.

"theyre a man to me" - yes thats transphobic"

This is always the key comment when these men have discussions about this. And it is almost totally directed at lesbians who sexually reject larping men. These men blather about "genital preferences" and individuals' personalities as "excuses". But it all comes down to sexual orientation for lesbians - there is no "preference" involved.

And women for whom it is a preference - ie: het and bi women who would prefer not to be with creepy, mentally unstable, narcissistic men - there is never any reason to examine that preference.

The whole rest of the world needs to stop caring about being called "transphobic" because it is a meaningless term. Everyone should just laugh and say "yay I'm a "transphobe" - ooooh" until it becomes an object of ridicule to accuse people of.

love how they keep coming back to this rapey talking point, failing to realize how bad of a look this is. Once again, stunning lack of self-awareness.

Well, they banned SuperStraight, so they don't hear many objections.

When it comes to my bedroom/romantic life and who I decide to let in it, nobody else gets a say. It is my choice, and mine alone. Justifications? NO. I do not have to "justify" my choice of partner (or no partner). Not to anyone.

Exclusion? Hell yes. The baseline when it comes to my bedroom and romantic life is that I exclude everyone. Every single human on earth. Total exclusion. At some point, I might decide to let a person in there. I still exclude everyone else. But the baseline is total exclusion, and that is fine, and ok, and not to be criticised. It is normal. This is not a buffet.

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I think the trans community having every part of their life revolve around sex warps their way of thinking about relationships from what you explained, which I'd say is the default.

Who knew that if mentally ill people who physically warped their bodies into a poor simulacrum of the opposite sex, most people would not want to get intimate with them?!

Translation: "if you're not sexually interested in me, you are an immoral bigot. I personally am free to pursue those I am attracted to and reject those I am not attracted to. But when it comes to others, they must be attracted to me, otherwise they're immoral bigots."

If I ever see a case of a trans person rejecting a "cis" person's sexual advance, I will accuse them of "cisphobia." Maybe then they'll finally understand.

They won't because this is not about understanding. It's about them imposing their will on the world, and controlling women.

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