"I'm married."

responds with complete and utter gibberish.

....But men are the more "logical" sex. Cute.

I spluttered and nearly spit my coffee snort laughing when I saw his dopey looking face in the corner. Dude, I you are not the Greek god you think you are.

Oh come on, don’t be mean. Those are clearly sharp chiselled regular features, reflected on the back of a spoon.

“I guarantee that a relationship with me will be a nightmare, end in a nightmare breakup, violence, or all three.”

Men like to pull the lOgIc AnD rEaSoN card on us, but proceed to act full emotional and stupid. lol

This specimen's name is Anthony Gammallieri, in case any of you gals want to contact him.

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Oh you fucking legend! I wish /r/creepypms and /r/niceguys would name and shame.

No is a complete sentence and any reply not accepting that no, validates the no.

my reply to rude men is thank for letting me know what a relationship with you would be like.

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