Someone felt the temptation to shoot the rapist and we have to respect that

If he didn't want to be shot, why did he go out of the house looking so shootable?

It was probably his clothing that asked him to be shot! He really shouldn’t dress like that. People with guns can’t help themselves when tempted like that. This is 100% on the dude that was shot.

I hate it when some shootily dressed man acts like a bullet tease

I would not have been able to help it. He was shootily dressed.

Just asking for my 9mm hot penetration

I have to wonder, deep down, how many men actually believe like this scrote - that rape doesn't actually cause women physical pain.

I once had a dude confess to me he didn’t really get why rape was such a big deal and why men got up to life in prison because “rape is just sex , and sex is super fun . It’s an everyday activity women do all the time, I can’t see how rape would really be that bad”. He seemed to think that rape was indistinguishable from sex. Of course , anal rape of HIM would be different. I really do think many men just don’t get it.

They're lying. They know rape hurts women, that's what they like about it. Men claiming they "just don't get" why women wouldn't like being raped are gaslighters. They know exactly why we don't like it because the reasons we don't like it are the exact same reasons they refuse to stop.

It’s porn. It has to be. They see women drugged up to their eyeballs having sex in the most extreme positions imaginable and pretending to enjoy it, and they think that’s reality.

I hope the scrote who talked to you never had sex and never will, but let’s just pray he had a micropenis anyway because how would a man who thinks like that react to “back off, you’re bumping my cervix?”

It’s just horrifying to contemplate what porn has inflicted on the world.

This reminds me of something I read a couple of years that chilled me to the bone. To wit, men are confused about rape because to them there is no appreciable difference. Its the same physical motions, the same orgasm, the same psychology and emotions encompassing domination and feelings of contempt, hatred and the reinforcement of his own superiority. To men there doesn’t seem to be a difference a lot if the time, especially now in our pornified world, its all conquest and domination.

Something to think about if you can stand the pain.

I mean sex feels good, right? So how could it possibly hurt?

- men with their "logic"


This is why none of them understand that "sex work" is rape

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Yep, they think "if I could have sex all day for money, I'd be signed up tomorrow" and get resentful of the women in the profession.

And they like to push the narrative that they are superior because they are the logical sex and not emotional. 🙄

even when rape causes men extreme physical pain they still have this sick cognitive dissonance to stick up for other men. for instance (spoilering because it's graphic) my father was raped both as a child and in prison as a young man, and throughout my childhood i had to listen to him cry every time he defecated because we had a very small house. when i tried to tell him about amber heard and the abuse she was suffering through the media he told me that "she's an actress and she can turn on those fake tears".

I really don’t understand how men harmed by men have so much hatred for women

exactly! it’s so insane it’s like they never turn what has happened to them back on men (mentally) because they are men themselves and it might make them have to look at their own bad behaviours introspectively or something? idk the solidarity is baffling to me

Even if it didn’t cause physical pain, the psychological agony matters too. Why do we have to measure ourselves according to their braindead definition?

just look at some of the "erotic media" (porn, manga, anime, games) with a male target audience, the vast majority of them are about rape and how supposedly the woman gets to enjoy it, people who spend their time watching that content will most likely end up sick like this guy.

just by going on reddit to one of the many subs dedicated to promoting rape and seeing the large amount of people subscribed shows that it is a large majority of men who think like that.

The camaraderie between men, even supposed allies, always baffles me. If only women could be so much united...

The point is: bad men are useful to "good" men too, because they help them to shine by setting the bar so much low that even the most bland male seems good.

Since when does Rape cause physical pain?

As everyone knows rapists, who violate other peoples' (most often women and girls) bodies for their own sexual gratification, are always super caring and make a point to never harm their victims physically! /s

Even if that truly was the case in every rape, who gives a shit? Rape can cause a lifetime of psychological trauma for victims. Ergo, as far as I'm concerned, rapists deserve some life-long/life-ending consequences of their own for inflicting such damage on another person! :)

So if the "girl" doesn't look like a slut then her rapist getting shot is a good thing!

And what is with temptation talk? Blaming the victim much. Mental illnesses don't cause men to rape, actually, women with mental illnesses are more vulnerable and has greater chance of being sexually abused.

Mental illness is a factor in making one a victim of a crime rather than being the perpetrator of one.

So if the "girl" doesn't look like a slut then her rapist getting shot is a good thing!

They always look like sluts, because men are not responsible of their actions, it's always the woman's fault for looking provocative.

Even in a last century diving suit, they look like sluts.

How do we know he’s a l*ftist?

Some leftist men only care about leftist issues as they affect men

Police brutality against men

Mental health access failures, for men

Racism, against men

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love this for you 🥰

Ryan, @ rkeezle18

You love someone getting shot? Since when does Rape cause physical pain?

jen, @ jenrzl

A rapist getting shot? God's work. I said what I said.

Ryan, @ rkeezle18

Temptation sometimes takes over and there's people out there with mental illnesse. You can't celebrate a guy getting shot for some girl that basically look like a slut. You need to grow up