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So to avoid this alleged "genocide" all they have to do is say they're not trans?

Lol. It's classic DARVO. That whole thread could be used as teaching material to learn about the use of DARVO by abusers and by cults.

Transsexuals being the prime goal for the holocaust is a new level of narc

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Of all their crazy oppression claims, this one takes the cake.

As they work every minute of every day to erase biological women, they think that being gender critical is genocide.

Oppression Olympic Superstars,1st place, now and forevermore:


Oh you're all a bunch of perverted fetishists. Don't dress it up. No pun intended.

Funny how they are pretty much the safest demographic in the western world - in the UK I don’t think a TIM has been murdered in years....yet because people are getting sick of their made up nonsense and denial of reality...Genocide! Literal extermination of millions! Worse than the holocaust! The most tragic event in all of human history...