Also when I was a teen I loved coloring my hair different colors. Now I associate colored hair with genderists ☹️

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Same, I’ve never liked pastel hair colours (vivid hair colours were okay) but now I side-eye them all. And I used to be a Goth with black dyed hair and a violet clip-on hairpiece.

Hey not all off us with pastel hair are TRAs some of us are just metal heads !! Plus I’m a Gen z so it’s pretty much common to dye your hair . I will say it’s more common among the TRAs mostly because coloured hair is associated with alt fashion and culture.

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I know, I have friends who’d be in their fifties now who are GC (not radfems) and like pastel hair. Like everything else, it’s spoiled the moment TRAs touch it.

I feel you there but it's not like the TRA uniform. The hair is not the problem. It's just hair. Plus I'm such that I see older women in my area who have no idea about transgender politics, getting conned by some gen z tra nazi into a trans (blue pink) dye job.

Ugh I do the same thing and i feel shitty about it.. I do not want to be someone that judges people by their hair color but here I am

I saw a female person with shaven hair and a bright button up shirt today and instantly assumed her them/they pronouns.

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I feel SO bad because everyone GNC has the 80% probability of being identifying as TQ fuckery. The whole point is that GNC SHOULD be the norm and is completely fine. But so many of these delusional denialists also have this look that I absolutely can't help but corelate the two. I try to give the benefit of the doubt but my god is it thin

There's a reason the "why do they all look like that" is a meme