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People like these are teaching biology. Sigh.

"Inclusive language is more precise and respectful." So precise that you are having trouble explaining exactly what it refers to? πŸ€”


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Katherine Gould, @ katherinegould

Hey #ScienceTwitter,

I'm using inclusive language when teaching the reproductive systems, eg: pregnant person.

I tripped up today talking about fetal circulation. What's a better term than maternal circulation? Parental implies either parent. I want something more specific

Oh, this blew up in the wrong way. So let's clarify for the haters.

Women are people.

Not all women can get pregnant

Some girls can get pregnant and are not women.

Some trans men can get pregnant and are not women.

Inclusive language is more precise and respectful.

Muting this now.


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"fOr tHe HatErS" πŸ™„

Edit: wow some of the serious answers she got before the TERF squad came are bad

It feels like a mouthful, but perhaps β€œblood/circulation of the pregnant person?” Or even just β€œnon-fetal?”

Host. Host circulation. Nice and simple.


Yeah that's totally the loving and healthy way to see ourselves. As the host of a parasite.

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Well in all fairness it turns out the mothers of TRAs were hosing parasites ...