Inferior in matters of physical strength, yes.

And that's one of the main components of female oppression. We don't just choose to be physically overpowered by men.

I’m beginning to think from TRA/MRA “logic” that men are inferior when it comes to brains.

Did the use of “might make right” atrophy their reasoning and comprehension skills over thousands of years?

That and all the blood flow diverted to their dicks. I think men as a class have mainly gotten to where they are because of all their free time not having to look after themselves or their surroundings.

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Too hard to comprehend. They can't tell a woman apart from a man and now you ask to understand they have different physical strengths? 😂

Cheetahs run faster than humans. Apes are stronger than humans. Does that mean we should just say 'oh, they are the superior species' and start to try and institute an ape government and assume they should start making all the rules?

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No, no, not an ape government (apes are too close to humans, we don’t need to start all that again). A cheetah government!