Pretty sure the most useful idiots for conservatives are TRA's. Lol Those idiots are making LGB acceptance go down and turning people off the democrats.

If strenght were the only thing that mattered, then we should be ruled by elephants. They are even smarter than many people.

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Why do TRA’s think that we think we’re not superior to men? They must think we’re conservative lites.

I’ve had women on this site tell me I’m being sexist for pointing out physical differences between men and women. It was deeply puzzling. And more than just one person too.

We can’t help the way we are 🤷🏻‍♀️

The only people who thing the ability to kill someone with your bare hands make you wholesale better than them are people who think "might makes right", aka violent male supremacists. Keep telling on yourselves, TRAs.

What? No, knowing there are physical differences is not the same as thinking women are inferior. This is an incredibly stupid 'gotcha' argument. I am mad at the internet now.

To paraphrase my great great grandmother: YOUR PENIS IS WEAK SHIT, DUDE.

Could you share your great great grandmother-s exact quote, because I need to hear female wisdom from prior generations.

Unfortunately, no. I've never had the pleasure to know her personally as she died years before I was born, so everything I've heard was second or third hand, and I would need to translate her very specific dialect to English which is difficult. :(

She wasn't a great revolutionary feminist but in my maternal family men were never seen as 'superior' and didn't get special privileges. The children got food first and the best, not the man of the house, sons also had chores in the household, not just the daughters and it was equal, and mothers word was law, not fathers. As I recall the stories, she (and the other women in that part of my family) had absolute control over the money that came in as men were seen as too stupid. I suspect they have seen some shit when they were young girls.

Small peanuts, I know. But I've seen families with girls around my age that still had the whole 'Men don't have to do shit in the household' and 'Fathers word is law' and all that and I was born and raised in a North-West European country. I should also mention I'm in my mid thirties and I meet those families in late 1990s, early 2000s. Quite mind boggling to see when your own family is absolutely nothing like that.

It is a pretty common phenomenon globally that men will smoke, drink, and screw the money their wives earn away while their children go without food, medical care, or education. The women in your family were very wise.

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Is this a self own because they're admiting that, not us

Also, they agree transwomen are men, then?

They never fail to prove they have no clue what TERFs actually talk about.

To me I always think the whole TIMs is women sport thing shows how little of an accomplishment having athletic ability as a man is

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