Acknowledging physical differences between the sexes and the fact we are a sexually dimorphic species does not mean women are inferior to men. Human value does not lie in physical strength.

Exactly. The female sex is simply a completely other category than the male sex when it comes to athletic competition after puberty. And, each sex has the right to establish athletic competitions in line with its own physical prowess and needs.

Also, males are not superior to females because they run faster, are stronger...any more than horses, cheetahs, and apes are superior to men because they run faster, are stronger.

To assume that physical prowess is the one and only measure of a human being's worth is a damn stupid assumption.

Inferior in matters of physical strength, yes.

And that's one of the main components of female oppression. We don't just choose to be physically overpowered by men.

I’m beginning to think from TRA/MRA “logic” that men are inferior when it comes to brains.

Did the use of “might make right” atrophy their reasoning and comprehension skills over thousands of years?

That and all the blood flow diverted to their dicks. I think men as a class have mainly gotten to where they are because of all their free time not having to look after themselves or their surroundings.

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Too hard to comprehend. They can't tell a woman apart from a man and now you ask to understand they have different physical strengths? 😂

Cheetahs run faster than humans. Apes are stronger than humans. Does that mean we should just say 'oh, they are the superior species' and start to try and institute an ape government and assume they should start making all the rules?

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No, no, not an ape government (apes are too close to humans, we don’t need to start all that again). A cheetah government!

Women have our own strengths. We're more flexible, resiliant, and can create sentient life inside our wombs. Also, we're significantly less inclined towards violence.

Imagine thinking that's what this means. Imagine thinking that not being able to run as fast as someone else, just due to chemicals in your body, make you inferior. The projection

They're so deep in patriarchal thinking, they cannot even conceive of someone not thinking, deep down, that women are inferior.

Patriarchal societies value physical strength above all else, because duh, that's the only thing men have got to offer.

And disabled people and children and elderly and anyone who’s not at the peak of strength are all lower life forms compared to competitive athletes...

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Lmao so you think physical strength makes a human superior/inferior? Sounds a bit Hitler to me but ok

Edit: most disabled people are inferior humans according the trans, i mean that absolutely tracks with their well established ableism...

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Image transcription: r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

Title: TERFs are useful idiots for conservatives.

Panel 1 of Mean Girls “So You Agree” meme: Cady Heron (with the word TERFs written on her forehead): It's unfair for trans women to compete against women.

Panel 2: Regina George (with the word Misogynists written on her forehead): So you agree? You think women are inferior to men?

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“It’s unfair for men to compete against women in the pregnancy olympics because only women have wombs to create life and carry on the whole fucking human species”

“So you agree? You think men are inferior to women?”

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

The movement IS full of stupid and narcissistic people with no self-awareness

came here to say something to that effect, but you said it better!

To me I always think the whole TIMs is women sport thing shows how little of an accomplishment having athletic ability as a man is

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