I am in awe of the fact that these church leaders went to seminary of some sort and cannot recognize one of the oldest heresies when it is staring them in the face. Just me again beating the drum of this is gnosticism. The TRA religion already has a name, and it goes back to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I didn' t think my eyes could roll even more on themselves than that time I heard "Amen and Awomen".

I was wrong.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 0 points

What’s that saying about being illiterate in three languages?

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 1 points

Where/when did you hear that? Lol

It was a politician in the USA during a speech. I can' t remember his name, sorry, but he made this entire speech and ended it with amen and awomen.

It' s a pretty recent thing, within the year if I remember correctly.

Well, I'm glad they admit now that they worship the god of gender, not that Christian god guy.

I'm not religious, and if I was, I would be pretty tolerant, but those people? If that isn't heresy, I don't know what is. Dancing around the golden calf, much?

(Also, do they imply that Joseph - the one with the brothers, not the one with Mary - was gay because he didn't want to sleep with a married woman? WTF? Don't they know their own religion?)

If you were at heavens gate and god asked you your pronouns what would you do?

I'd fall to my knees and beg the goddess for forgiveness of my sins and pray to be protected from the devil's deceptions ... because clearly, if I stood at heavens gate and was asked for pronouns, that's mean I'm actually at hell's gate.

If there's pronoun circles in heaven, it isn't really heaven.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 2 points

It’s like the joke about the old bloke and his dog turning up at what appears to be the Pearly Gates and being told dogs aren’t allowed, saying no thanks, if his dog can’t enter neither will he, and the walking on and eventually discovering that no, that was the entrance to Hell.

Probably tell him I was under the impression that he was all knowing....

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 6 points Edited

"I beseech thee, O Lord, prithee do say, what referential verbiage would'st best behoove and befit me in my time of absence?"


I was told you were omniscient, friend

God of pronouns is insulting both to the QT and to God. God of PRONOUNS?

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 3 points Edited


This past Thursday, March 31st, was the International Transgender Day Of Visibility. In the PCUSA, we welcome all of our transgender and queer siblings into this family and relationship with the creator god. So today, I wish to pray a prayer that was written for this incredible day. Will you pray with me?

Oh, god of pronouns, we give praise to the great one the one who was identifiable as god. "I am what I am," you say. The great they, the incarnate he and she, the god of trans being. Impregnating Mary, fathering god. Breastfeeding god of many breasts, you shatter all stereotypes, making every single person male and female. Male and female, intersex, non-binary in your image. Exactly in your image.

Spectrum rainbow god, who put your promise for non-violence in the symbol for queer love before humanity knew, because you knew. Who had Joseph who could not sleep with a woman in a beautiful lady's cloak, perhaps of rainbow colors, before we knew, you knew,. God of pronouns who said "You can call me he or she or they, whatever makes you feel closest to me."

Invisible and visible god, on this day where visibility and celebration, belatedness, affirmation, and acceptance is the bare minimum, remind us that you are the god of pronouns, so you affirm and you celebrate them.

Remind us that you affirm us in our full identity: name, pronoun, found family, all of it. For this we give you thanks and praise to the great I am, the great they/them. Thank you, god, and so now, in the words that our mother, our father, and our sibling god taught us to pray, and pray with us now, [recites the Lord's Prayer].

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 1 points

Impregnating Mary, fathering god. Breastfeeding god of many breasts, you shatter all stereotypes,

Oh, so their god is a child-raping TIM. Good to know.

If you believe in a paranormal being who directs your life, believing he cares about your pronouns can't be that far off. I really think that many people who have a spiritual bent (and that's not a criticism) are more likely to believe in the gender god. You have to suspend logic and you have to deny what your ears, eyes and hands tell you - you have to ignore the material evidence before you and religions of many kinds prime people to do this in order to accept their teachings. Accept things on faith is seen as a value or a goal of the highest order. So, this doesn't surprise me one bit.

A lot of people say this, but I don't really see it. Mostly because in Christianity, there's no sexuality in heaven, because there's no need for it. I am not sure if primary sex characteristics, or any conception of "gender" would even be present in heaven. The fixation on editing the body rather than leaving it as is is very "worldly" to say the least, though I do think a lot of American/Western Christians neglect the body completely, and maybe that detachment is what allows them to go down this path. C.s. Lewis never said that "you don't have a soul; you are a soul, you have a body" quote that is so often attributed to him. If the body was not important to christianity the incarnation would not have happened, but I think... a lot of people out here hate their bodies and are looking for religious reasons to justify that

Hmm. I don't agree with this one but alright. Can't really phrase my personal theological beef with this without sounding too harsh so I'll leave it at that