Sorry, anything to do with Harry Potter is JK Rowling's. All these supposedly progressive groups of mostly white people are hypocrites throwing Rowling under the bus, but still using her.

In the Gender religion, denouncing JKR is a sacrament. Once one performs it, it's magically (pun intended) OK to continue to be obsessed with everything Harry Potter related. And it's one of the approved actions to "make one a 'good person" along with chanting "trans women are women", "fuck terfs", and "rights are not pie!"

I don’t understand why they don’t just let go of their obsession with her creation if they hate her so much…

The same reason they think people have to play along with their pronouns: entitlement.

Let's just have an event that is entirely dedicated to a book series and fictional universe created by JK Rowling. But it totally has nothing to do with JK Rowling though so that's cool.

And the ridiculous "Daniel Radcliffe wrote Harry Potter"/"The fans own it now" takes, I can't with these people

Lol Daniel Radcliffe? Because of course they try to replace her with a man 🙄

This is the crowd that believes one can change biological sex, as well as re-write entire personal histories, with a declaration (unless of course it's a kid in which their biology must be irreversibly experimented on)

[...] we will not lend credence to ignorance.

That's funny, when the entire reason they hate JKR is because she isn't ignorant.

Your community deserves to be feared and hated, and if anyone's spreading those two things, it's YOU.

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No surprises there. The Leaky Cauldron's Melissa Anelli has very passionately been anti-Rowling: https://mobile.twitter.com/archhufflepuff/status/1270770955778953221?s=20&t=VN9hw0YW3AwJQ2VH9iNsNA

Funnily enough, the other famous Harry Potter fansite Mugglenet's founder actually supported Rowling during the Forstater controversy and got blocked by Mugglenet for it 🤡🌍: https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/37499/which-celebrities-and-authors-have-stood-up-for-jk-rowling/6fdcb0c6-429f-4741-9f4d-f4ff12c04788#comment-6fdcb0c6-429f-4741-9f4d-f4ff12c04788

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Wow, the Twitter banner says it all. Why immerse yourself in a fandom while spitting hatred towards the creator? Leave that to the Star Wars fans.

“We will strive to uplift marginalised voices” always means they’re just gonna keep doing the same shit. If they ACTUALLY listened to marginalised voices we wouldn’t be in this mess

I wasn't the biggest fan of the The Deathly Hallows (and never even tried to engage with The Cursed Child, because it feels completely mean-spirited to me and not at all in agreement with the canon), but during my latest bookshelf reorganization I put HP out and proud, and it felt really good.