I’ve been physically assaulted by almost every single man I’ve lived with, and this man wants to talk about how people not wanting to fuck an inverted penis is violence? Seriously?

For real?

I don’t have a word for the way this makes me feel.

There's nothing more violent you can do to someone than tell them you don't find them sexually attractive?

Lol. Mister, heterosexual men don't find you unfuckable because you have a surgically created front hole. Heterosexual men find you unfuckable because you are a man. And there is nothing you can feel, or do to your body, to change that.

"nothing more violent"? I can literally hear millions saying "hold my beer"....

Ironic because more than a few wife beaters don't bother putting down their alcohol when hitting their spouse... Nothing more violent than saying no to a man.

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Oh the life of privilege of believing words and thoughts are the worst violent thing that can be done to someone.

Sir, your festering surgical hole which was once a penis is NOT and will NEVER be a vagina.

If words are so “violent” then I find men equating their grotesque surgical fuck tunnels to a complex, self cleaning, self lubricating, FEMALE muscle to be highly misogynistic and “violent”. How dare they compare the two.

No one owes you sex.

No one owes you sex.

No one owes you sex.

No one owes you sex.

No one owes you sex.


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Fill in the blanks.

There's nothing more violent you can do to a girl who ______, than ______ her vagina.

If the second blank included the word "invalidate" then I HOPE YOU FEEL REALLY, REALLY SHIT ABOUT YOUR MALE PRIVILEGE. I hope you are racked with the guilt that only self-obsessed privileged dudes with nothing better to think about can bring to questions of social justice and I hope you get racked with more guilt as you become gradually aware that your self obsession is also a function of your extreme privilege. I hope your dreams get haunted by the Furies and they play "You will never be a woman" to the tune of White Town all night long and sing it in your ear all day. Fuck you, dude.

Literal rape isn’t “more violent” than respectfully saying no and being nice enough to give you a reason?

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