I hope that "MY neovagina" person is real.

The thing that is so bad about these arguments is that they are directly intended to remove people's barriers and force consent. It's nOt wRoNg to prefer a particular sex/body type/ethnicity but it IS bIgOtEd so you need to DO BETTER with your BIGOTRY and you can work on that bigotry of yours by HAVING SEX WITH SOMEONE YOU DON'T FANCY. There's really no other preferred outcome. "Cis" and don't want to date trans people? The only proof of your transphobia being addressed is a trans love interest. White and don't want to date outside your racial group? DO BETTER but also don't FETISHISE the person but also you have to go out with them or you're a bigot. Not attracted to fat bodies? Unless you literally marry a fat person your bigotry will never be disproven, Homosexual? Hey there are people with opposite sex genitals who are your sex now, better date them or else ... you're a traitor to the LGBT community....

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It’s always about requiring their target group to submit to their lusts.