This exchange is . . . .wow.

]Icy-Yogurt-Leah 7 points 4 hours ago* I can tell you the difference between MINE and a natal one. I don't feel any pleasure from it. The lining in MINE is penile skin not mucosa. I was not born with it. The biome in mine is different from a natal one, there are many studies on this you can look them up yourself. MINE was created by a surgeon. MINE has horrific scarring from when it was created. MINE is a dead end, it does not lead to a cervix. MINE does not self clean or lubricate. MINE needs to be dilated for the rest of my life or it will close up. MINE could not expand large enough to push a baby out. Penetration is painful. MINE looks like testicle skin was left to resemble labia majora, it doesn't and yes I have seen the wall of vagina pictures. These and not directly vagina functions but part of the whole reproductive system. I cannot get pregnant, most cis women can. I do not menstruate. I do not produce eggs. I do not produce enough female hormones to maintain bone density and feminisation without HRT. Now you are going to come up with medical reasons that cause most of these in natal vagina, they are edge cases and rare for each one let alone all of them at the same time. Once you have your own you will realise it's not all sunshine and roses. MY neo vagina is crap, it's painful and doesn't work. I hope your experience will be different but that's my take. I SAID MY NEO VAGINA PEOPLE learn to read before you start arguing about MY opinion of MY body. permalinksaveparentreportgive awardreply

[–]LucyTheMLTrans Lesbian ~ HRT 01/06/2022 DMY 17 points 4 hours ago* 1. Some cis women struggle with feeling pleasure too, this is a completely natural variation. 2. While there is a difference in the lining, it does not feel different and no one would be able to distinguish between them truly. 3. Everyone has a different biome of bacteria and stuff can vary greatly woman-woman. 4. Why does it matter where it came from? 5. Cis women can get scarring on their vulvas too, some people literally get their clitoris torn in half during giving birth. 6. Cis women can also have issues with lubrication, some ladies can't get wet at all. 7. I am entirely sure there's some cis women who were born without a cervix. 8. Some cis women need to dilate after a certain age for the rest of their lives. Also, the idea of it "closing up" is a medical lie. It tightens, yes, but it's not a wound which heals and then closes up never to return. 9. C-sections exist for a reason. Sometimes natal vaginas can't push out a baby either. 10. Cis women can find penetration incredibly painful too and this is why clitoral masturbation is more popular. 11. Scrotal skin and labial skin are very similar. If one finds themselves unhappy with stuff, cosmetic revisions exist for a reason. 12. "I cannot get pregnant, most cis women can. I do not menstruate. I do notproduce eggs. I do not produce enough female hormones to maintain bone density and feminisation without HRT." again this is not a difference between neo and natal both can suffer the same issue 13. Being AMAB is sadly a fringe birth disorder some women have to suffer through. Luckily one can treat it with meds and/or corrective surgery if they so please.

Jesus. There's nothing that will penetrate their thick skulls, nothing. How much more can the post-op TIM say?!

What he does say is all true and I think he’s trying to warn other men: Mammals cannot change sex. The best that can be done is a mutilated simulacrum that doesn’t function and causes terrible suffering. From what I’ve read, this man is describing the “normal” experience for this kind of surgery. Aspirants to the same procedure would do better to listen. I really hate this timeline.