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...frankly there’s nothing more violent you can do to a girl who’s had bottom surgery than invalidate her vagina and say she’s unfuckable because her vagina is surgical...

Wow. Wooooow. Nothing more violent. Nothing.

Editing to add: all of the delusional dudes there saying NOT EVEN A GYNECOLOGIST CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE, and so no one has to look up a "neovagina" to remind themselves...they're not even able to put them in the right place.

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I'm pretty sure if a gyno saw a vag that looked like THAT on a real woman they would diagnose her with Several Things

Oh that gynecologist line infuriates me to no end. As you said, not even located in the right place. Not made of the correct tissue; doesn’t lead to a uterus, neither self cleaning or self lubricating. Not a muscle, the list just goes on and on.

Among other things all of this illustrates just how much genuine vaginas are hated and how little is thought of their miraculous function. It makes me angry but underneath it makes me sad.

It's dumb as shit, saying no is violence to these rapist pigs.

"nothing more violent"

Wow. Almost seems like a troll post but I doubt it. The delusion is off the charts.

We're entering a dark time when something that leads someone to experience narcissistic injury is treated as 'violence,' much less more violent than actual violence.