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Calling out transphobic biases and behaviors does not mean "hey you better sleep with me or I'll call you a bigot" anymore than pointing out that race fetishism is bad or that excluding an entire race from your dating pool is probably fueled by some implicit level of racism. I'm not saying that having biases means that your consent no longer matters. But it is still worth pointing those biases out and expecting people to recognize them. You can't help your immediate internal reactions to things, including how that affects your attraction. Even if it's hurtful. But you can take that as a sign to examine your beliefs more closely and be sure to recognize how they come to affect your other behaviors and minimize harm.

Why do they always compare sex to race? If you take the black/white/aisian/whatever else part of a woman away, she’s still a woman and has the same genitals as every other woman. If you take ‘trans’ away from a male he’s just male. He has separate genitals. This is such a braindead argument and makes me want to bash my head against the wall.