It's not OK to have a preference for something you can't actually see or feel the difference.

Oh people can tell the difference. I've seen plenty through various sources and they do not look like real vaginas. They really need to stop fooling themselves.

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Well here you go, scrotes: nobody actually cares about your butchered genitals. They’re repulsive whether you had them inverted or not. And why? Because they’re part of you. You’re utterly unfuckable, disgusting men. Nobody wants to have a cup of coffee with you, let alone anything more intimate.

Tbh even if they were visually passable, just the thought of what it all actually is is enough to turn my stomach


I am straight and I do not want to put in my mouth or my vagina a cylinder made of arm/leg flesh. Hell, even the idea of touching it makes me freak out. I can only imagine what lesbians and straight men think of a canal made of a penis and/or a rectum when contemplating cunnilingus.

Even if you couldn' t tell the difference, knowing there is a difference is plenty ok to reject someone.

I can' t tell just by looking if someone is a religious extremist or not, but if I am told, you can bet your ass I am going to take it into consideration when deciding whether to date him or not. Same goes with everything. It doesn' t matter how stupid it is, if it makes you think "I am not so sure about fucking/dating this person", then it' s ok.