I had top surgery at 14 and I can confirm that most of my chest is still numb years later.

I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing okay. :)

Physically, my body's pretty messed up from the hormone suppression and testosterone (osteoporosis, extremely irregular menstrual cycle). Mentally, I'm okay. Taking it a day at a time. Praying that I didn't lead any kids down the same path during my TRA days.

That sounds rough. I had gender dysphoria as a kid, and I even somewhat "socially transitioned" as some people were calling me by a boy's name and with male pronouns at school when I was nine, but this didn't last long, my parents never did it, and no one was ever telling me that I truly was a boy if I "felt like one," or that I truly could become one. Puberty blockers/testosterone and surgery were never presented as an option for me, and I am truly grateful for that now, because I definitely would have gone for it all. Of course, most people overall weren't totally accepting of me, and I pretty much went down the opposite path of trying to change myself to fit in with society's stereotypes. I hate how TRAs all act as if that's the only alternative to medical transition when it's not. There's actually a simple, easy solution that is right in front of everyone's eyes but no one wants to see: just accept gender non-conforming kids as they are, and leave them alone.