By the same logic, we as a society should be comfortable with castrating rapists (or TIMs who demand to be housed in women’s prisons) because one can just restore their testes later once they’ve proven themselves free of recidivism (so, say, 30-40 years or so), right? One flesh-and-fluid sack of anything is the same as another, right?

In fact, we should be more comfortable with it, because it’s not like adolescent girls committed any trespass on the level of rape to warrant dealing with all the postoperative complications! 🤡

"It's okay to amputate a man's penis because we can just make one out of his thigh skin later and slap it on. It's totally the same."

People really see the vagina as a hole for men to put their penis in and breasts as something there to look at and squeeze. This is what objectification looks like, not only no respect for the function of our body parts, but not even an acknowledgment of it.

This is the best response by far. But why only rapists? The doctors performing these surgeries are proud of them. They think there's nothing wrong with performing them on children, right?

So they should have no problem having these surgeries themselves.

Mandatory castration and double mastectomy for anyone who thinks it's OK to do this to children.

They have to gaslight women into believing their organs are disposable as a diversion from the reality that it’s men who are the disposable half of the species. Funny how breast tissue is regarded as interchangeable with silicon, but one foetus isn’t interchangeable with another and no one comforts you by saying you can just have another child when the time is right (speaking on the state of affairs in the US). What’s the difference, besides that you only get two breasts in your lifetime, whereas it’s not an incontrovertible certainty that you can’t gestate more than two lives in your lifetime? 🙃

You could try convincing them, but it’s an open industry secret that most ophthalmologists who perform LASIK on younger women are older men who wouldn’t dare get the surgery themselves. Across the board, plastic surgeons are the most snivelling bunch of lily-livered hypocrites.