The only way silicone implants are equivalent to breasts is if you think breasts are just erotic appendages for the chest.

Not only that, but also that they exist purely for men's pleasure, since top surgery for TIFs most often results in extremely reduced chest sensation, if there's even any left.

And then there's the inherent trauma in having a part of your body cut off, especially when it's medically unnecessary. God, this is just disgusting.

Exulansic talks of phantom pains many women who underwent a double mastectomy have to deal with. It’s not exactly pain as much as a constant and distracting itch, which you can never scratch. Hours and hours of this every day.

Why the hell do they need to do this to depressed teens, crazy stuff.

And then there's the inherent trauma in having a part of your body cut off, especially when it's medically unnecessary.

This is partly why Ken Zucker regarded medical transition as a poor outcome for people with gender dysphoria. It's risky, painful, and won't necessarily produce the desired aesthetic result.

I think the reason medical transition can't be shown to work is because gender dysphoria is not just about the aesthetic; the real distress is in the desire to truly become the opposite sex, which just isn't possible. The best you can hope for is to superficially modify your body to resemble that of the opposite sex, which temporarily enables you to pretend you are the opposite sex, even when you're alone, but sooner or later reality will catch up to you. Children are simply not capable of conceptualizing this(many adults aren't either, evidently) and have a very limited ability to conceive of future consequences for their actions. It is extremely unethical to place a major, life-altering decision in the hands of a child, even when they are being informed of the reality of the situation, which in this case, they aren't. It is beyond tragic that this is being done to children, and unfortunately, I don't know if most people truly grasp the horrors of it. Doctors who do this(and parents who allow it) should be imprisoned.

I've also noticed that when discussing transition regret, even amongst people who are generally critical of the ideology, it's basically presented as if the only risk involved is, say, the little girl who prefers jeans and t-shirts and loves playing sports(and wishes to be seen/treated as a boy because of this) might one day decide she actually loves dresses(and thus, wish to be seen as a girl again). The possibility that, as long as she's left alone and allowed to just be herself, she might simply learn to accept her body and the fact that she's female, is rarely ever mentioned.

Silicone under stretched skin isn’t a breast you vile fucking ghoul.

By the same logic, we as a society should be comfortable with castrating rapists (or TIMs who demand to be housed in women’s prisons) because one can just restore their testes later once they’ve proven themselves free of recidivism (so, say, 30-40 years or so), right? One flesh-and-fluid sack of anything is the same as another, right?

In fact, we should be more comfortable with it, because it’s not like adolescent girls committed any trespass on the level of rape to warrant dealing with all the postoperative complications! 🤡

This is the best response by far. But why only rapists? The doctors performing these surgeries are proud of them. They think there's nothing wrong with performing them on children, right?

So they should have no problem having these surgeries themselves.

Mandatory castration and double mastectomy for anyone who thinks it's OK to do this to children.

They have to gaslight women into believing their organs are disposable as a diversion from the reality that it’s men who are the disposable half of the species. Funny how breast tissue is regarded as interchangeable with silicon, but one foetus isn’t interchangeable with another and no one comforts you by saying you can just have another child when the time is right (speaking on the state of affairs in the US). What’s the difference, besides that you only get two breasts in your lifetime, whereas it’s not an incontrovertible certainty that you can’t gestate more than two lives in your lifetime? 🙃

You could try convincing them, but it’s an open industry secret that most ophthalmologists who perform LASIK on younger women are older men who wouldn’t dare get the surgery themselves. Across the board, plastic surgeons are the most snivelling bunch of lily-livered hypocrites.

"It's okay to amputate a man's penis because we can just make one out of his thigh skin later and slap it on. It's totally the same."

People really see the vagina as a hole for men to put their penis in and breasts as something there to look at and squeeze. This is what objectification looks like, not only no respect for the function of our body parts, but not even an acknowledgment of it.

Breasts are not simply decoration. You will never get your milk glands back, never be able to breast feed a child, and have no erotic pleasure in them. All they will be is aesthetic. The idea that artificial breasts are the same as real ones implies the view that “woman” is seen as little more than a sex toy for men.

But this is the modern medical system for you. They have no problem performing one surgery that will require more medications and surgeries down the line. In fact, the more the better. They get rich in breaking our bodies apart.

  1. It is not covered by insurance and is undergone by a population who tend to be low income and require it for any medical procedure

  2. Surgeons are supposed to completely remove any mammary tissue and glands (leaving less than a typical males who would still grow boobs under circumstances) so taking estrogen (and assorted) hormones after the procedure will not signal any estrogenic tissue to mature and you will remain flat chested or growth will be non-uniform in the future

  3. You could need tissue expanders bc they sew the skin pretty tight normally, the nipples are at more of a risk of falling off after being re-grafted on once before. Which is a relatively advanced surgical skill.

  4. Getting implants for cosmetic reasons is bad, they need to be replaced every 10-20 years which means if your patient gets a mastectomy at 12 years old and wants to maintain prosthetics for her life (ideally like 60 years) she will have to go under general anaesthetic five to ten times, maybe they will have to have her chest operated on a few more times than that because of complications etc. This is dangerous and again outrageously resource expensive for ppl that are low income.

If you get a mastectomy for cancer or for aesthetic reasons I'd advise you just to leave it. It doesn't look bad or anything or make you less of a woman. Also related that breast cancer surgeons are now more likely to do a flat mastectomy than automatically leaving the breast skin empty for future implants as it's less stressful for the patient

I’m surprised this isn’t talked about more. As a flat chested woman I considered implants in my youth, but learning about the revisions every 10 years, the sheer cost of that, and what Lumos said about possible auto immune complications, it just wasn’t worth it. That’s not even touching on general surgery complications and that sometimes the implants burst!

ETA I researched it in the late 90s/early 00s. The crazy thing is this information was nowhere. I had to look for it. The attitude at the time was “just get boobs! One easy surgery at 19 or so! They’re fabulous and you’ll be all set!” Learning about the revision surgery every ten years was a real eye opener.

If only body parts were as trivial and interchangeable as these people pretend.

I would trade my big breasts with a flat chested woman in a heartbeat.

Very good points. I’d like to add breast implant illness, an autoimmune-ish illness many women get after implants. They haven’t studied how common it is, but the link mentions a facebook group with 100,000 members.


Probably stems from having foreign bodies inside you long term. Bodies generally react very poorly to anything foreign, whether it’s implants or donor tissue.

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Don't forget that they're shoving bags of foreign matter under the skin, so there's always the chance that the tissue around the implant will scar and become hard.

The implant can rupture, or even worse, have a leak. If it's silicone, good luck. If it's saline, it can get mold and bacteria growth from fluids getting into it. In both cases you can get sick or die.

You are absolutely right that implants are a huge risk for women, and they're nothing to be blasé about.

Except they won’t be breasts. They will be sacksof a viscous fluid places in the approximate location of where breasts would be located

Or not. You can place them anywhere really, because they aren’t breasts

Someone should put one on the good Doctor’s forehead. Maybe they can stuff the implant with the thousands of dollars she’s getting paid for her butchery of minors.

I'm sure she and her FTM spouse are making a killing off child transition. Perhaps literally. I wonder what they will feel when they start to see these girls die early deaths.

Neither of these procedures is safe or good for women and young girls. You're all butchers.

She deserves to be in prison. I try not to hate people, but I hate her for what she's doing to all these kids. The story of Pop Tart Kid is what helped peak me.

I’m sorry, but what’s Pop Tart Kid?

That was the 8 year old girl she talked into identifying as trans, over the child's own objections:


Reminder that certain types of implants actually make you more likely to get breast cancer.

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Y... You know implants have side effects, right? Oh wait they don't give a shit about those lmao

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