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I left LesbianActually this morning. The sub has had a clear transphobic downturn in the last couple months.

AKA lesbians taking back their own space. GOOD.

"I don't know what changed to bring the sub to this point"

How about banning all the lesbians from actuallesbians so that there was basically no where else to go? Maybe that did it.

Generally, it's considered very rude to tell people you are repulsed by some aspect of their body or refuse to date any people with particular traits.

Except people do it all the time. (And by people, I suppose I mean men because when I really think about it, I realize that I don't recall hearing women friends do this. It's mostly only ever men. Huh).

I have heard men say they don't/won't date women who are tall, women who are fat, women who are skinny, women who are "too" smart, women who are dumb, women who are dark/blonde/other, women who are (insert ethnicity here), women who are buxom/flat, women who have a small butt/large butt, women who have (any other characteristic you can imagine). Their comments go from "won't date" to "utterly repulsive."

They will say this to a woman's face (even if -- maybe especially if) she has that characteristic. They'll say it to a room full of people. They'll say it to anyone and everyone. I know more about the dating preferences of various men in my life than I know about my own.

And then as I realized: I don't know much about my women friends' dating preferences, and it occurs to me that women are supposed to keep our options open. We're supposed to give all men a chance.

Men aren't used to being told they're repulsive. No wonder these guys are always so shocked and horrified and offended when it happens.

"Men aren't used to being told they're repulsive. No wonder these guys are always so shocked and horrified and offended when it happens."

Yes. This is why lesbians, and anyone who wants to support lesbians, should take every opportunity where these men might hear or read to tell these guys that lesbians find "trans" males just like all other males - sexually disgusting and repulsive.

They should see it online in places they lurk but can't get anyone banned from. They should see it irl on stickers all over the place, everywhere they go. They should see it tagged everywhere. The goal is to make it so undeniably clear that no lesbian will ever want these men, so that they leave lesbians tf alone and inflict themselves only on each other.

The feelings of rapey men are irrelevant. "Trans" males are not "hurt" by being told they are sexually repulsive to lesbians. They are angry/enraged like all other men when denied the sexual gratification they feel entitled to.

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GOD this makes me angry.

I'm not lesbian, but I am super tall -- 99.9% percentile for a woman -- and I am SO SICK of these trans loonies saying that being tall is like being trans, either in sports (Lia Thomas doesn't have a "natural advantage"! What about the super tall?), or with sexual attraction ("short repulsion?" "TALL repulsion"?).

IT'S NOT THE SAME THING. I am heterosexual, and as much as I love my fellow women, I couldn't have sex with one. And no one here is offended by that.

And I know I rant about it, but friends in the "sex positive" crowd have actually asked me about that. Like, oh, you mean you haven't or WOULDN'T have sex with a woman? Um... no? And why the fuck should I? Are we back in college where it's COOOOLLL to experiment for the ever-ubiquitous Male Gaze? Progressive, my ass.

Wow I went to lesbian actually to down vote some TIMs and wow, sort by controversial and you got a vast swath of down voted crossdresser pics. The sheer amount, it's like AGPs spread like toxic and disturbing looking mold, infesting everything.

Have we actually already got more AGP men now than lesbian women exist?

And the nerve on these guys, just full on ugly unwashed man, badly shaved beard in a crusty {what men assume hookers wear 24/7} outfit they clearly masturbated in, Posting themselves in a lesbian space, thinking 1) they look good 2) they look like women 3) sexy lesbians will have sex with them.

I can't even mock them, this is so delusional that it's frightening and combine such severe mental instability with their violent tendencies... I'm scared for lesbians.

I just did that to see for myself…and wow. It’s horrifying looking at a lesbian sub and seeing it be filled with pictures of men in skirts.

I also looked at a post where a woman questioned the existence of “bisexual lesbians” and half the upvoted comments are deleted, likely because they said that’s not a thing. And a TRA mod left comments “educating” then on not being exclusionary.

And there’s a post from a mod saying that all posts defining the word “lesbian” will be removed. Because “lesbian” is supposed to include everyone, especially men and women who claim not to be women. This stuff is getting creepier every day.

I really hope many women on that sub wake up from seeing constant posts by men claiming to be lesbians and watching real women be banned and deleted instantly for questioning it. I know the downvoters must not like what’s happening, but they seem to be really outnumbered for now.

It's so idiotic and clearly not sustainable. So, lesbian now means someone who likes vaginas and cocks, but only if the person imitates regressive stereotypes of what women are supposed to wear. So what then it's bisexual? Liking penises and vaginas but also the person can dress how they like? So we have 3 different ways to be bi, but being homo or hetero is evil. Lmao just typing it is so ridiculous

It’s nonsensical because per their logic, two women dating but one is very butch, are in a “straight” relationship because the butch one happens to conform more to male fashion stereotypes? Or does it only magically become “straight” if the butch lesbian “identifies” as male?

I think maybe in some spaces, there are as many AGP trans as female homosexuals who will still call themselves a lesbian.

Remember that female homosexuals are probably about 1-2 percent max of the female population. The prevalence of any significant arousal to AGP is possibly up to 3% males total. Obviously not all will call themselves ladies, lol, but lesbians are outnumbered out of the gate

Well still i see this "statistic" every day and even on ovarit that the trans is only 0.01% which is honestly not working in our favor besides being untrue. I also read the 3% AGPs before but I believe that is still an underestimate. I think this is how many men will be "inherently" AGP but now I think with exposure if hardcore porn to minor males we are creating them. I wouldn't be surprised if soon they're more like 5% or more, which as you said would drastically outnumber lesbians, which explains why their spaces have been utterly colonized.

From one comment

If you correct someone for using dysphoria inducing terms like "Male Genitalia" you get downvoted no matter how reasonable you are.

There is nothing reasonable about this. Your penis is male. That is a fact. If it causes you pain to hear that then you need to address that and work on it.

CIS women constantly speaking over Trans women about thier experiences, both emotionally and physically.

It’s almost as if women and TIMs have different life experiences aren’t the same.

And the worst thing that is accepted there now, is the idea that a CIS lesbian refusing to date a post op trans fem is not transphobia.

No one owes you sex you rapist.

nobody is saying you have to be attracted to or have sex with trans people (bold of you to assume we want to fuck you though?)

Then why are you here?

it’s unnecessary and unkind to broadcast that your “preferences” exclude an entire category of people who are already marginalized within queer communities and in the rest of society

Marginalized?!? You have taken over the whole kit and kaboodle

there really aren’t that many radical functional differences from one set of genitals to another, especially when someone is or has been on hormones (we all start out with basically the same structures in early fetal development, and there’s not a strict dichotomy between “male” and “female” body parts) so why exaggerate them

Really?!? Then what is ‘transitioning’

who hurt you?? can we live?

Men hurt women, it’s why we need spaces away from you. ‘Can we live’ of course. Find me an example of a lesbian killing a TIM. Because I can immediately think of an example of two lesbians and their son, killed by a TIM who got Mitchfest canceled for lack of (his) penis inclusion

One of the comments are-

"My general rule is that if you can't make me feel like it doesn't exist, you aren't ever going to get to see it, so your preferences are irrelevant."


'There might be something to that. My mom said something like “so if you’re a trans woman dating another trans woman, why couldn’t you just be a gay man?” As if sex had anything to do with it?'

Based mom.

Okay I need some feedback here. I am a trans woman, in a relationship with another trans woman. I would describe myself as repulsed by dick. Like, I can deal with my partner's girldick but prefer not to and thus generally our relationship is romantic/intimate and not sexual (she sees other people for sex as do i). Am I a bad trans?

Heterosexuals gaslighting themselves

People need to show a little basic respect for the feelings of others.

Of course, this doesn' t include having basic respect for people' s feelings regarding their sexual preferences and boundaries. Because they' re awesome and special and do not need to follow the rules they have made.

Just turn us down politely if and when it actually comes up, like you would with all of your other preferences.

Except when you keep fucking ask "why" and you do not like it when people are vague about it, so you demand to know exactly the reason and then start whining when you are told.

I also find it hilarious to read these jerks whining that they are losing grounds and spaces to the evil lesbians they have stolen from. Dudes, that' s exactly what you did to women in general and lesbians in the specific. You invaded their spaces, kicked the legitimate owners out for not kissing your ass enough, and now that they are fighting back you are sad because it' s not as easy for you as it was a year ago. Cry me a fucking river!

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